9 thoughts on “TDSB Votes Yes to Mandatory Covid-19 “Vaccination,” Exemptions Still Allowed”

  1. The covid vaccines are not safe, and we can all see now that they are also not effective. Look up Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Michael Yeadon, and the international court case against these global mandates by Dr. Reimer Fullmich (Nuremburg 2.0). However, a one-world government is predicted in the Bible. The only true safety and peace is to give your life to Jesus!

  2. Michelle Morrison

    My children have attended many years of school with no vaccines at all. Please remember that all vaccines are voluntary and your children can continue to be educated without them.

  3. I’m sure the great and mighty TDSB will expect EVERYONE to meekly comply, but I’m certain that’s not going to happen. So, what happens to unvaccinated students? Will they be forced to quit school? Will online learning be offered to them? Will homeschooling be their only option? More questions than answers at this point.

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  4. This really surprises me. I always thought of school trustees being parents of students who wanted to participate in the responsibility of education for their children. Forcing these vaccines on all children doesn’t seem to me to be in there interest. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with education.

    1. What a great province we live in when school trustees vote in an experimental gene therapy for little kids, with no public scientific debate on pros and cons.
      These are still in trial until 2023, no long term safety studies completed. We have not even seen what happens with dose 2, which had higher incidence of side effects in 12+.
      I wonder if these people actually care about the kids health, or if they are all so scared of COVID that they use little children as shields.
      Acts of cowardice.
      Everyone needs to eat some vitamin C and D and stop being afraid of a cold.

      1. I agree, these people are cowards hiding behind children. Since when has it been acceptable to throw our children on the front line to shield us? This world has truly gone mad

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