80% of Ontario’s Cases Fully “Vaccinated” & Vaccines Failing to Stop Hospitalizations

The evidence is undeniable: Covid-19 vaccines are failing to stop transmission and hospitalizations. The Ontario govt website highlights this clearly with it own data showing “Cases by vaccination status” and “Hospitalizations by vaccination status.”

80% of Ontario’s 11,899 cases reported Jan. 8, 2022, were fully vaccinated compared to just 13% unvaccinated. For context, 82% of all eligible 5+ Ontarians are fully vaccinated compared to 12% unvaccinated.


The fully vaccinated have an infection rate of 97.17 cases per 100,000, as of Jan. 8, 2022, vs. just 74.50 cases per 100k for the unvaccinated.


Govts and public health officials around the world continue to disingenuously tout the efficacy of unproven Covid-19 vaccines, esp. in reducing severe outcomes where failure to keep the fully vaccinated out of hospitals (71% of cases) and the ICU (43.8% of cases) is also on fully display.


Govts and the mainstream media, however, continue to ignore this epic vaccine failure and misinform people of its benefits. The latest rhetoric is to get the booster to stop Omicron–a bold untruth as no Covid-19 booster has been modified from its original alpha-variant form to address the Omicron variant.

5 thoughts on “80% of Ontario’s Cases Fully “Vaccinated” & Vaccines Failing to Stop Hospitalizations”

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    2. Now, if someone like the Premier,. yes, you Doug Ford, would wake up and “smell the coffee”,. and put JT in his place you might garner a bunch of votes next election with “GO DOUG GO!!

  1. As I have said before, WHY, the “vaccine” does very little if anything to protect people, it does not stop transmission either, and the survival rate is about 99%. I will take my chances with Mother Nature. I will never be forced vaccinated , I will die first, fighting all the way.

  2. Wow. People need ro wake the hell up for the love of Canadians.
    We are losing Canadians because they are listening to the news and lying government.!!!

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