Tamara Lich Delivers a Speech for the Ages

After Tamara Lich’s powerhouse acceptance speech for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms‘ (JCCF) gala George Jonas Freedom Award Thursday, the iconic Rex Murphy playfully lamented having to follow the speech that “wiped out the room and probably half of Ontario.” #FreedomConvoy

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  1. Richard Courtemanche

    Bravo, Tamara,
    One of the few real Canadians left.
    A few days ago, she was arrested again in what is political harassment.
    All those involved in her arrest, you are cowards.

    1. Ironically she doesn’t want to be canadian and has struggled for years to get alberta to separate or join the US

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  3. Funny how the Libtard supporters always come out spewing hatred and lies while using several different accounts to try getting their lies out there,meanwhile the true FREEDOM lovers do no such thing, yes Roger I am pointing at you Twit.

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  5. The Freedom Convoy 2022, inspired and led by Tamara Lich and her trucker colleagues, have become national Canadian heroes; equivalent in my estimation, to the 300 Spartan immortals at the Battle of Thermopylae Their singular act of defiance against the almost overwhelming odds of globally inspired oppression, broke through the deep freeze of Canadian compliance and woke their fellow Canadians up to the fact that they are free men!

    1. Everyone involved with the convoy should fuck right off. Traitors, cowards, and human trash. Every one of you. Die in a fucking fire.

      1. Scott Henderson

        Tell everyone why you feel this way. Go ahead Kyle get it off your chest. Please tell us why your hatred is so deep for this beautiful movement that you want those involved to “die in a fucking fire”?

      2. You are an ass clown extraordinaire Kyle . The only cowards and traitors are the imbeciles like yourself that don’t know when the government is lying to it’s people like your hero Turdeau is doing and when you discover that he is you are too cowardly or too dense to stand up for your rights . It’s okay Tamara and the freedom convoy did it for you . Please don’t step outside your naïve bubble you won’t be able to handle the reality . I suppose you thought his step father was a great prime minister also .

      3. Hey Kyle your helping of the Liberal Kool-Aid must of had a a double dose of whatever they’re using to brainwash you poor sheep. The majority of sleeping Canadians was awakened by the convoy. Time to wake up and smell the freedom buddy.

      4. You’re the perfect example of what happens when people are allowed to talk from behind the safety of a keyboard.

      5. Traitors? Traitors to what? The Crown Corporation of Canada? It is an unlawful occupation of pirate slave traders in suits on sovereign native land doing nothing but business. Canada only exists on paper as a fictitious corporate persona that operates legally under UCC the code of commerce governing with authority that only applies to its emplyees. Walmart security cant come to your house and enforce the law any more than the inhouse security officers of the Crown Corporation of Canada can enforce anything outside of what is legal under the Code of Commerce. Legal is not lawful and lawful is never legal. Legalities are corporal in nature as acts of business. Corporations cannot pass laws or strike down laws of the land they can only pass corporate acts that only legally apply to the employees of the corporation and in house security acts as enforcement with strict legal guidelines within the borders of the corporation. To the Crown Corporation of Canada you are a commodity when you give up your human rights for legal rights youre considered already dead in the water. You can sing the catchy corporate jingle and wear the corporate logo on a hat or t shirt as a loyal consumer even enlist yourself to serve the corporation in expanding its operations globally but if you think any those gestures provide you any moral high ground to curse the will of free people you are as clueless as you are mistaken.

      6. My My, sounds like somebody messed up on their meds last night. Hope you’re feeling better today🙂

  6. I’ve said this since Justin got in first time, that his goal is to ruin Canada. He has to be removed. He’s just underhanded and two faced and is only in it for his personal gain. He does not care about Canada or the people of Canada. What the freedom ralley proved how manipulating he can be. Justin is a chicken!!! Not someone that anyone can trust. Thanks Tamara and freedom ralley for making Justin show his true colors. You guys are golden heros in my books!!!

  7. Aside from “winning” the election, w a rather slim minority, there’s plenty of video footage to dispute almost every comment you’ve made. JTrudeau has sown division & hate, calling a minority of Cdns ‘misogynists, racists, science deniers’ and questioned whether or not ‘we should tolerate them’. He repeatedly attacks the unvaccinated minority of Cdns with his unscientific, biased comments. He should be charged with hate speech. Did you watch any of the EMA debates? He didn’t even show up for the vote. He insulted MP Landsman by suggesting she is a ‘nazi sympathizer’–refused to apologize, knowing she has family who were victims in the Holocaust. WHO DOES THAT? He ran and hid during the Trucker Convoy, w ‘covid’, yet now here is he is running all over the world w it. Despite all his mask mandates, and multiple vaccinations he’s still getting COVID? While many cdns can’t afford groceries and gas, he renovated Lake Harrington for over 11 million$ on the taxpayer. the man is an outrageous liar, hypocrite and embarrassment.

  8. Freedom, what we as Canadians once enjoyed. Enjoyed unlike many unfortunate others. Over the many years of government and tyranny our freedoms have been diminished. Taken from the average hard working class while the afluent in their lush ivory towers bask in the spoils. Working class Canadians work for the Government not so unlike in the dictatorships of the world. When the arrogance of these dictators is challenged, they lash out in ways that speak volumes of how they assume that laws could never reach them.
    Along comes a group of true hard working Canadians and this government does more than what they are authorized by Canadians to do in order to stamp out and stifle the efforts of many protesting for the freedoms we have left, for the freedoms we have been denied.
    The moral fiber of Canadians will never be broken by the likes of politicians currently in power and we shall regain and repair this land.
    For those opposing in government, there must be accountability, consequence and justice. If no one can see the light that is growing stronger everyday in such challengers as Pierre Poilivre who can give Canadians back our country, then we as a democracy shall fall and the plumet will continue.
    Tamara, you stood up to tyranny and to injustice. To you Canadians with the tenacity to overcome the tyranny of a would be dictator and his follies will defeat this force. A force that has caused more damage to Canada ever in our entire history!
    Thank you for being a light and to all others who for the right reasons stand behind you, beside each other. Strong, proud as one, as Canadians!

  9. Tamara Lich and Chris Barber should receive the Nobel prize for peace. They have inspired the whole world

  10. Of the Greek city states, Athenians were noted more for their naval prowess while it was actually the Spartans who were famed for their military prowess in hand to hand combat. It was actually the Spartans (the immortal 300), who laid down their lives at Thermopylae, against overwhelming odds from the Persians. They fought for the freedom of all Greeks against the Persian would be conquerors.

    The Freedom Convoy 2022, led by Tamara Lich and other trucker colleagues, have become national Canadian heroes equivalent in my estimation to the immortal 300. Their singular act of defiance against a globally inspired oppression, broke through the deep freeze of Canadian compliance and reminded Canadians they are free men!

    1. Though I appreciate the sentiment of your statement, I have to agree to disagree. The 300 Spartans of Thermopylae defied an empire, not a government, let alone their own government. This was the battle that preserved the western world and way of thought that allowed for the Greeks, Roman’s, Germanic etc to flourish under their own culture and in relative freedom. The 300 ( I have been to their grave) stand as the greatest self sacrifice probably in history so the sake of an idea, the idea of freedom, though Spartans didn’t necessarily agree with the Athenian notion of freedom and democracy, the Spartans believed all Greeks deserved to have the right to choice, to choose how they lived, persevering their culture and freedom, whatever that looked like.

      In the sense of the convoy, I see the parallel to the last point and the national defiance, but that’s where it stops for me

  11. Tamara, you are an inspiration for us all. Thankyou for rising above those who want to control us. Hopefully this is a new start for a better way of Canada’s management.

  12. Dennis Scherger

    God Bless you Tamara, your love and courage is shown to the world! Thankyou! 🙏

  13. My Wish for You is Freedom

    “Freedom requires fairness
    Fairness requires kindness
    Kindness requires honesty
    Honesty requires truth
    Truth requires courage
    Courage enables Justice
    Justice enables peace
    Peace enables Freedom”
    Larry Elford, author of Farming Humans

    Everyone requires freedom as the foundation on which they can live their lives to the fullest: Freedom to choose to express their God given free will in any way they choose (provided it does not hurt someone else) and yes freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

    More relationships would flourish if people encouraged others to be free to express themselves in any way that empowers them to “speak their Truth” and live life to their fullest potential and enjoy themselves. To control or limit someone to pursue what will make them happy and enjoy life is the antithesis of truly loving someone.

    One of my goals is always to empower myself and especially other men and women.
    Live and love each day as if it were your last.

    Make it a great day 🌄 🐬🐬

    Keep the Faith

  14. Thank-you Tamara. Words can not express the gratitude we have for what you’ve accomplished and also what you and so many have gone through to fight for our human freedoms. The convoy woke up so many of us in Canada and also around the world. Now there is a momentum that wasn’t there before. I watched you every day from before the convoy left BC, and you taught everyone to remember to sing, dance, hug, smile, love each other – a culture of how we must proceed together through this darkness, and not fall into it. Great speech!
    Love and prayers for you, and for all.

  15. In support of Freedom

    Thank you Tamara for standing up for so many. Although you were in “there” alone, you were never alone. You have huge support from so many. You are a very special person someone I admire from afar ❤️

  16. She was forced to stand before court in shackles , but in the court of people’s opinion she stands unshackled and a hero. This is all Trudeau and his minions. He is the one who should be in shackles…

    1. Yes he should be imprisoned for complying with evil globalists, who will not be satisfied until they own the whole planet and have everyone under their control, even deciding if they get to live. Trudeau is so power hungry – all he wants is his seat in the UN and become one of them. Crimes against humanity and treason used to be punished by hanging in the public square.

      1. here here anne griffin, start building the gallows.they, the liberals are taking our freedom away from canadians, is it not time to stand up and be counted like tamara, and all those truck drivers, it was a great experience to view,it almost made me think of the living in quebec, when canadians, came from all over canada to vote on the referendum. god blesss canada.

  17. God is the author of freedom. He is the sovereign of the universe. In him we cannot be defeated. Those soulless walking dead will find their reward in hell. Pray for them that they would awaken before it is too late. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord

  18. Gery Sederberg

    Thank you Tamara for all the hard work you have done for the people in this country .
    You are an inspiration to many .
    The way you and Pat and George were treated by the powers that be was abhorrent at the least.
    Well Said, well said and well deserved acknowledgement of the work accomplished

  19. I was a huge supporter of the truckers convoy for freedom. You have all stood up for the rest of Canadians even if they disagree with our views . I am not, nor will I ever be injected with this so called cure until time has passed and we can see if any adverse effects are in store for the injected down the road . It was too soon to be lining up at the clinics in my opinion . I am sorry that you and the rest of the leaders of the truckers convoy were arrested and subjected to such treatment. The true criminals in this saga are the members of our government who should be held accountable but by whom ??? Our RCMP commissioner is nothing more than a political puppet herself ! I need an honest investigation into all of this crap before I will ever slightly trust our government . Even then I will dissect every thing they do . As far as Trudeau and his band of idiots, if you want me to take the shot come and make me take it , I dare you !!! It won’t be a experimental injection that kills me but be sure to stay low !!!!

  20. Thankyou so much Tamara . You will forever be remembered by many Canadians that’s for sure . There’s no words to give thanks other than to the higher being who protected and shielded you during your fights for our freedom . Representing so many of us who could not be there and still showing respect for the so called narrative . We love you precious lady and God bless you and your family in the future . 🙏

      1. Totally agree, I was actually thinking she was saving the best for last.
        God Bless us All 🙏

    1. Calum Mccaskill

      Sheryl… you took the words right out of my thumbs!
      God gets all the glory .

    1. Autonomy is not ambiguous.
      It is the primary concept of democracy and freedom.
      The leaders of this nation might have rounded up uninjected people and thrown them in camps for ‘education’ purposes if the truckers had not stood for us all.
      Dr. Paul Alexander and James Topp are up next to inform the Senate and Parliamentarians that they supported medical apartheid and genocide.
      This peaceful protester and grandmother was jailed and then made to appear in a Liberal Kangaroo Court bail hearing in shackles.
      There is no ambiguity in what Trudeau,Freeland and the Liberals have done.

      1. Castreau the cuckolded she-boy is run by Schwabbies, Freeland the mob boss in what is the current pretense for the Great White North.

        Warrior goddesses like Tamara Lich are what is holding it together up there.

  21. Brings tears to my eyes. True courage and self sacrifice is rare but exists in people like Tamara. I will regret forever that I was not in Ottawa to stand for freedom. I did contribute and was unable to access my finances for 5 day although I had accounts in 2 banks. Coincidence???

  22. Thank you Tamara, for your courage, your determination , and your love for Canada. You possess the strength and resilience which has long been a Canadian characteristic .. and you have inspired millions to dig deep inside , to stand up for FREEDOM, our CHILDREN .. our Land.
    God Bless You, Tamara !
    Jean Jacobson
    Vancouver, BC

  23. Sharon Postnikoff

    She should have accepted on behalf of all the freedom fighters. She didn’t do this alone. Thank you tamara for your courage.

    1. She could have but would have been a breach of her bail by associated with the convoy publicly

  24. I was there. Tamara gave the most beautiful, powerful, and inspirational speech .. full of love and concern for Everyone’s well being.
    Thank you Tamara.

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