Nationwide Protests at Colleges of Physicians & Surgeons -Fri, June 24

Who’s regulating the medical regulators?

Throughout Covid-19, Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada have violated their own policies to the ultimate detriment of patients safety. Across Canada in 8 cities, protests to hold regulators accountable for any and all harms done on the public they are charge with protecting.

Toronto’s protest will be reported on live by Dr. Emad Guirguis, MD.

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4 thoughts on “Nationwide Protests at Colleges of Physicians & Surgeons -Fri, June 24”

  1. I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t share this important message:
    15 years in the making: Cal Washington, founder: found a way to restore accountability…and put on notice…any man or woman who works for a Service Corporation, who thinks they can hide behind their titles and not uphold either their Oath of office, or in the case of all Doctors in Canada…their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, and observe the Nuremberg Code of 1947; will be held accountable to “we the people!”
    To go forward with any claim you wish to launch, simply watch Episode #1 of the Inpowermovement and it will become crystal clear.
    The same system is laid out in A Warrior Calls – founder, Christopher James. The key behind the aforementioned is called: An NOL (Notice of Liability).
    Thank you for listening and good luck with your claim!
    Concerned Citizen

    1. Yes indeed Elizabeth! A Warrior Calls is a great website and Christopher James is heading up this process. Godspeed and God bless you. They will all be held accountable!

  2. Excellent! Keep fighting back Canada! We need to holler and stand strong against this nightmare. We OUTNUMBER them….strength in numbers friends.
    There are some big things (good things) afoot….keep the faith and don’t be silenced no matter what comes down the pike. God Bless and God Speed!

  3. wilma ferguson

    I am so happy to learn of these protests. May there be many more. Politicians, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, and so many others are complicit in harming so many in myriad ways during this plandemic. Bravo to those brave souls who continue to fight for justice.

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