[INTERVIEW] Talking About Freedom With Tamara Lich

Join us for this exclusive interview with #FreedomConvoy hero Tamara Lich. The interview took place after winning the JCCF’s George Jonas Freedom Award June 16, 2022, and delivering her now viral speech (clip here -full speech available in August). This is her first interview since being released from federal prison.

Due to state-imposed legal constraints and considerations in her own legal case, certain subject matter could not be discussed.

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5 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Talking About Freedom With Tamara Lich”

  1. Paul,
    You’re right. I’ve known Tamara for a relatively short time – since about the first week of January. I led the Southern BC leg of the Convoy and Coordinated with the rest of my Province, Joining up with the Alberta Crew in Calgary and then continuing all the way to Ottawa.

    I was standing with Danny Bulford when the OPS decended upon her. They cuffed her and refused to take me or Danny as both of us are equally as guilty as she is… the Crime of Fighting for what’s rightfully ours in our own Democratic and Free Country. Following her and Chris Barber’s arrest, it became clear… this is WAR. Our Commandant was captured, it was time for the Generals to withdraw and live to fight another day. Shortly afterwards they nabbed Pat and his Wing-man Tyson (Freedom George). The government had disregarded their own decree, where it reconfirmed our Protest Permit terms… to be peaceful and respect the Liberty of ALL Canadians by not interfering with Infrastructure vital to the Sucessful Operation of Canada’s economic Engine. We did exactly that, then the illegal and scathingly brutal attack began. Inflicted by many HUNDREDS of Riot-gear equipped Enforcement Resources. They began to kettle the crowd. They were heavily armed and unapologetically brutal. They fired non-lethal projectiles and pepper spray, rode into the crowd on Belgian Draft horses and Trampled several protestors!! Yet we #HOLDTHELINE and remained peaceful, respectful, and united front against Tyranny by our So-called Elected Officials.

    I stuck around until Tamara was released March 7th.. FINALLY!. Her, Dwayne and I began our Return Journey to Medicine Hat the next day and delivered her home to a crowd of proud Freedom Loving Canadians at her home town of Medicine Hat March 12. March 13 I finally returned homebto Grand Forks, BC.

    I’ve had the pleasure to spend Many Many hours with Tamara and her Husband Dwayne, discussing the current status of the world and what are we Canadians to do going forward? Tamara’s natural and charming respone is… upward and onwards. Keep our eyes on the prize… then my contribution: I hollered #holdtheline in the face of opposing and nonsensical Government actions. We will not back down. We are stronger together with ONE voice. We are the Silent Majority. The Lib-tards know it and fear us. We are winning. It’s just a matter of Time. We will not rest until we have victoriously turned back the clock to pre-covid, pre-mandate governmental powers and repair all the draconian policies which still linger in the wake of this “So-called” Pandemic.

    #smallfringeminority #freedomconvoy2022 #trudopemustgo #endthemandates #fyp #donotcomply #holdtheline


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