[INTERVIEW] CPSO Overreach Leaves Doctor Suspended, 1600 without Care -Dr Crystal Luchkiw & Michael Alexander, Lawyer

Dr. Crystal Luchkiw is another excellent physician–in a long line of many–suspended by Ontario’s medical regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), for following long-established medical and ethical practices now gone the way of the dodo with Covid-19.

Dr. Luchkiw was suspended March 17, 2022, under the allegation that she wrongly provided medical exemptions for the Covid-19 injection. Her lawyer Michael Alexander joins the conversation to discuss the CPSO’s overreach and dangerous actions that immediately stranded 1,600 patients without medical care.

Dr. Luchkiw and Alexander also discuss the wider topic of corruption in medicine and medical policy, including the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, Bill Gates’ role in influencing global public health polices and more…

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7 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] CPSO Overreach Leaves Doctor Suspended, 1600 without Care -Dr Crystal Luchkiw & Michael Alexander, Lawyer”

  1. The college of physicians is creating bigger issues for Dr Luchkiw’s patients. She took over the practice of Dr Vanderwater who I’ve been with since 1985. No doctors are taking new patients in Barrie Ontario Canada. This is irresponsible of the college. We don’t have “free speech” here in Canada. When you have bad health, you want a Dr who has empathy. “One of the staff not having to wear a mask”, isn’t as much an issue as the 2 front staff as them receptionists in general. They are rude and not a good fit with Dr Luchkiw. People who have opioid prescriptions are finding it impossible to get a Dr who will take them. Cancelling prescriptions, all testing, results appointment and monitoring are necessary. We are being told by the college of physicians to “resign from the practice and look for a new Dr”. It’s ridiculous. They made this decision, but didn’t warn, offer a Dr in her place or even a nurse who can fill certain prescriptions. The college of physicians is irresponsible and making an example of one of the most invested, empathetic and caring Dr’s. They should be offering options that work!

    1. What they did do her and all her patients is horrendous. If the CPSO were truly concerned with the welfare of patients , they wouldn’t be on a witch-hunt for any doctors who have a right to give their advice and exercise their professional judgement. There should have never been a need to any exemptions. A simple NO THANKS should have sufficed.

  2. The High road is never easy, push on, you are a hero and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your sacrifices!

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