Fully-Vaxxed Fauci and Toronto Top Doc DeVilla Get Covid

The “pandemic” of the vaccinated continues with NIAID Director Anthony Fauci and Toronto top doc, Eileen De Villa, being the latest public officials after Justin Trudeau on Monday.

Fauci has had 4 shots.

Eileen De Villa’s tweet carried the same vaccine-promo mantra, as Trudeau’s: I got Covid but feel fine because I got the shot. Get vaccinated.

Time for another booster?

Tweet link.
Tweet link

14 thoughts on “Fully-Vaxxed Fauci and Toronto Top Doc DeVilla Get Covid”

  1. try another sales pitch!

    The plandemic theatrical players with their latest role! informercial! more coins into their pockets and more dehumanization!

  2. another evil lie to get attention. Furthest from the truth about the shots@!!!! Great sales pitch. Amazing politicians!!! liars

  3. According to Christopher James of a Warrior Calls, 160 F.O.I.s (Freedom of Information) requests have been made to Canadian Health Officials; asking that proof be given that Sars-Cov2 the virus has been isolated and purified! To date…the proof has not been forthcoming.
    Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton, B.C. reported in 2021 the serious side effects his patients were suffering, as a result of being double vaccinated. These were reports coming from the patients themselves. Dr. Hoffe, a 20 year Cardiologist, did not know how to treat these patients because he had not seen patients present with these types of adverse events? Greg Hill of Free to Fly has given up his aviation career to draw attention to the many adverse events aviators are suffering as a result of being double vaccinated. Transport Canada is ignoring these serious incidents and many commercial pilots are still flying commercial carriers. All these incidents that I am reporting only barely scratch the surface of what has been happening world-wide.
    To date…in Ontario…as reported by VAERS – over 300 Ontario children have been diagnosed with Myocarditis; a serious heart inflammation which can lead to right-sided heart failure in 1-3 years…as reported by Dr. Hoffe. His findings on other adverse events are still preliminary and ongoing. Hopefully Dr. Hoffe will not be given any more charges from his College of Physicians & Surgeons, so that he can continue his preliminary work for his patients.
    God Bless the many millions world-wide that have suffered and died as a result of this genocide.

  4. I had covid in January, I worked every day, I thank God that he gave me the wisdom NOT to take the shot. Now I have natural immunity and I will never get it again,… so please tell me, What did the coerced, mandated shot that does no good, but does much harm, do for you ?

  5. The only truth here can be found in the comments. The rest is hokey An infomercial.
    If they got vaxed they got a saline solution.

  6. wilma ferguson

    I don’t believe for a minute that these elites got jabbed. This is just more covid theatre and propaganda.

    1. No sympathy for this Devil.
      These creatures think that pretending they have four jabs and then allegedly getting Covid is supposed to instill confidence.
      Instead ,this piece of human garbage will use this as an excuse like Turdo:
      “The injections work because I survived and EVERYBODY needs at least five and then annual injections.”
      Jail these traitors,already.

  7. It’s exhausting waiting for the rest of the world to see the big picture. People like Fauci are not “vaccinated” because covid is not the threat, people are.
    His “vaccine” was created to reduce the threat of large numbers of people.

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