Rex Murphy: Tamara Lich and The Freedom Convoy Are Essential To Democracy

Watch this Bright Light News exclusive presentation of Rex Murphy’s speech for Tamara Lich’s George Jonas Freedom Award given June 17, 2022, Toronto, ON.

On a night of powerful speeches that elevated the inextricable and intertwined importance of freedom in a democracy, keynote speaker Rex Murphy delivered an unforgettable speech that help to raze the ire and wounds of Canadians ostracized and hurt by scientifically frivolous Covid-19 and vaccine mandates and the lies of the mendacious mainstream media. With his usual inimitable and scathing wit, Murphy delivered a knock-out indictment on Trudeau and other govt officials who “set the division of Canadians in motion,” while fortifying the importance and relevance of Tamara Lich and the Freedom Convoy.

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