Quebec to Tax the Unvaccinated

In an unprecedented but entirely unshocking moving, the Quebec govt ramped up its Covid-19 “vaccine” coercion program by announcing a “health contribution” for people who have yet to take a dose of the failing vaccines, essentially, a tax for the unvaccinated.

Continuing a vaccine narrative that no longer stands up to logic with deaths with/from Covid hitting 62 today–the same high as reported Jan. 2021 before the vaccine campaign was in full swing–Quebec Premier Legault said, “The vaccine is the key to fight the virus,” before announcing a “health contribution” for those “who refuse to receive their first dose in the coming weeks.”

Cases in Quebec have also exploded.

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35 thoughts on “Quebec to Tax the Unvaccinated”

  1. If I lived in Quebec, I would moonwalk my way down Roxham Road, make my way to the Florida Freedom Zone, and request political asylum.

  2. Finally a politician that has the balls to do what is right. If I lived in Quebec he would have my vote l.

    Mandatory shots are coming folks. Looks like I won’t have to pin you all down on my own, the government is doing the right thing.


    Don’t get the vax, pay a tax!

    1. I wasn’t going to respond to you Rog as I’m wasting my time to get into that thick head as you haven’t been reading anything from the real scientist except what the devil preaches and your not a follower of god what ever religion a person believes in as long as it’s good. See you in hell along with the rest

    2. If you won’t give me Ivermectin, then you can kiss my….uh…my… Uh, I’ll be right back. I just gotta go grab a thesaurus. (What the hell rhymes with Ivermectin?)

      Sorry, I couldn’t find anything that rhymes with Ivermectin. So…

      If you won’t give me treatment that works, I’ll hit you where it hurts!

      (*You can start by refunding my healthcare taxes.)

    3. Wel,l if it isn’t Mass Murderer wannabe Rog here again. Say Rog, do you abuse animals? You certainly seem like the type.

    4. Mandatory shots are not Constitutional and can not be dictated by the Federal Government.That is why the cowards are telling the provinces to do it for them.
      Thankfully,most Canadians are reasonable and won’t accept being lied to repeatedly ,Rog.
      Alberta and Saskatchewan have already said no to mandates and the Premiers/Health Ministers of BC and Ontario have been served with charges relating to ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ under the Nuremberg Code along with violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
      Fear porn serving the masters of Davos has no place in Canada.

    5. You are mentally ill if you think that is ok. Seriously you want to get an experimental, and unsafe shot, go right ahead but you cheer because people who choose not to get it will be taxed?? You need serious mental help

  3. The rich won’t care, and the poor can’t pay. (Brilliant example of Canadian fairness, that.) And all of this because some of us aren’t completely insane and have zero interest in becoming lab rats for big pharma’s experimental gene-therapy program. Well, you know what? When I become prime minister, I plan to impose a crippling head tax on anyone who disagrees with me and/or supports the wrong hockey team. Thanks for prying open Pandora’s box, Legault!

      1. Hahaha! He’s a Quebec hero and he’s keeping Quebecers safe, you stupid teabagger! (“Point! John M! Reverse Troll Punch!” And the crowd goes wild!) 😛

        BTW: “Rogue Wit”. I like it. 😀 (However, I will need to ask which hockey team you support.)

    1. I would charge them at least 500 bucks a month. It’s not fair us tax paying Canadians have to dish out money for criminals and traitors

  4. Obviously he is hallucinating, data in Ontario cannot be much different than Quebec, hospitalizations are 3 times higher on vaccinated and ICU as well is higher on vaccinated:
    He should have special measures to protect the vulnerable people and stop the nonsense blaming the unvaccinated.
    Maybe he thinks he is Macron who just wants to piss off the unvaccinated.
    The way he thinks, it’ll be the way he will get back.

  5. Simply another illegal action by a government in Canada. Universal health care is meant for all, equally. If the fools had not sent home all the healthy health care workers and if they didn’t squander the money meant for health care , the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Also testing healthy people just to find the virus is stupid , healthy people are just that, healthy. They caused their own problem but we get to pay for their stupidly. Thanks

    1. Not illegal. You are the ones that are criminals. No different than drunker drivers on the road and they get criminal records, lose their license and potentially go to jail. The same should be done to you. Give criminal records to the unvaccinated so they can be fired from their jobs and end up homeless. And being unvaccinated the homeless shelters won’t provide. You want to be selfish, so it on your own in the wilderness away from society. You don’t deserve to be Canadian.

      1. Well Rog since I have never been convicted of anything, calling me a criminal would be slander. I have worked over 30 years serving the population and I and all the fellas I work with have never denied anyone their hydro services and spent countless hours restoring power to the people, if that’s selfish… and I have paid my way my whole life Rog, paying taxes helping out where I can. Heck just trying to look after people down on their luck is a hard job. For a fella like you to come along and slander hard working people for not wanting to be a lab rat for an unproven “vaccine” that does little or nothing just makes a fella like me wonder, why did I try so hard to make a difference?

        Me and many others like me have taken the time, done some research, and not liked what we have found. We have used our best judgement based on what we have learned, what we know about the Charter of Rights, what we know about best practices of the medical profession, and the history of our government, that spends a lot of time lying to us, and thinking they can continue to ignore the rights of people in a free society. The powers that be, Rog, panicked, went way too far down the wrong road, and now they think there is no turning back. Even Hitler thought he was right, we know how that ended. Even though we don’t agree , Rog, and never will , I believe you do have the right to your opinion and the right to make your own choices, right or wrong , unlike our “Glorious “ leader, Trudeau, who in my opinion is very wrong and headed down a path that will ultimately end, maybe similar to Hitler.

    2. In addition they fail to actually treat the people with Covid. Even I could cure 90% of the people using over the counter products. At the very beginning the of the plandemic I watched Dr. Brownstein who’s books I have also read. His clinic in Michigan had 200 patients at that time and he treated all of them successfully using vitamin C and D, zinc, iodine and nebulized hydrogen peroxide. Then you hear of people going to the hospitals for help and getting nothing until you can’t breath so they put you on a ventilator, which ends up ending your life.

  6. Everybody has made sacrifices.
    Since the jabbed have all the health risks associated with gene therapies that are very deadly this Premier is ignorant of facts and is now intentionally creating further hardships by coercion.
    I hope the unwaxxed leave to let the jabbed to destroy their health care system and then expose their elected representatives for what they have purposefully done.

    1. Very well put Max, I was sent a link to information on the statistics in Quebec of deaths to affected to deaths due to vaccines taken and my personnel conclusion was it was a 50/50 chance of either death or harm. I based this on accurate information they released and not distorted like other provinces but at the end what changed my mind was it said they did the analyses by PCR testing in around about way and that made my decision that the numbers are distorted. Maybe they don’t realize or don’t care but the gentleman that created PCR testing said PCR was not to test for what their doing but for other things and guess what he mysteriously past away. I’ll leave it at that and still classify this as a bioweapon unless some one will prove me other wise and I will still listen to the professional scientist that work daily with this and not the politicians for reasons

  7. This will have had to happen eventually anyway. The unvaccinated will be the only people left to support the government so we may as well face the fact that we will be the only ones paying taxes so it makes sense that taxes have to go up.

    1. And how are lazy criminals supposed to do that Mark? Oh that’s right, you don’t steal money you steal peoples lives with your arrogance and selfish behaviour!!!!

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  9. From all the push and shove either way what are the death numbers of people vaccinated from the second they get the first jab vs the 14 days and how many deaths from the second they get the 2nd jab vs the 14 days. How many actually died from these two variants so far and I’m not being misogynists or racists or refusing to look at the science, I’m a analytical person but all the lies have made me more to look at who and what back ground they have and a little bit of history on who to trust to help me make a decision, I’m leaning more to the respectable science given by actual scientist but what does our government present hm

    1. Correct bluearea. The last people you want to get health advise from are our governments. Their only motivation is population reduction.

      1. Your right Mark and I believe that’s their only goal from what I read and I’ll set my way on when and how I want to die ,not theirs and I’m not scart to die as I’ve seen death close hand, just stay away unless the one wants to come with me

  10. This is insane. What a delusional POS. Adolf Legault must have been bribed well.

    Let’s hope that Quebecers that still have common sense (not a lot of them left) will let their feelings known.

    Fascism comes in all flavoursé Happy I left that god-forsaken province when I could.

    1. Sadly people in Qc don’t give a damn! A lot of people agree with that! I currently live in Qc right now and I am clearly moving out!

      1. No they care too much and are tired of good like you. If only jail time could be enforced on the unvaccinated the world would be a better place.

        1. “This report is damming on so many fronts. Read it. Read it. Read it.
          If validated, it is as big as the Pentagon papers. This would mean that research funded and conducted by the US Government has caused the death of millions of people world wide. Just ponder that. I can’t hardly wrap my head around the idea. Shocking doesn’t describe how important this is. History will remember.” Dr. Malone

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