~95% of US Covid Deaths Had 4 Comorbidities/Causes Per Death

It has been well known since March 2020 and Covid-19’s declared pandemic status that the health and age of a person are the greatest risk factors for hospitalization and death.

As early as March 17, 2020, Italy–one of the early lightning rods of the virus and world attention–released a report showing that 74.1% of all deaths had at least 2 comorbidities with a median age of death of 80.5.

An early study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) from as far back as April 22, 2020, looked at the electronic health records data from 5,700 people hospitalized with COVID-19 and showed 88% of patients had more than one comorbidity.


The U.S. CDC has also been sharing details on deaths with and from Covid-19 with the most recent January 9, 2022, iteration still showing that just around 5% of people died from Covid-19 alone, that is, healthy people with no known underlying condition. For about 95% of the deaths, however, people had, on average, 4.0 additional comorbidities or causes per death. An astonishing number that indisputably proves the very sick are most at risk of dying with Covid-19.

Recent CDC data showing comorbidities in Covid-19 deaths.

It also highlights the very unprecedented nature of being able to mark a person a “Covid-19 death” when they likely succumbed to another underlying condition while only having tested positive, for example, a person given 3 weeks left to live with emphysema who then gets Covid-19 is marked a Covid-19 death. Such vital information, i.e., death with or from Covid-19, has not been transparently reported by govt, public health or mainstream media with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky only recently saying such distinguishing info will soon be made available. The Ontario govt has only decided recently to distinguish people in hospital with (“incidental”) and because of Covid-19 with transparency starting this past Friday only.

Govts, public health and mainstream media have a legal, constitutional and ethical duty to stop misleading the public with conflated data that only serves to scare the public into compliance of unlawful Covid-19 measures and vaccine mandates. The time is long past due.

2 thoughts on “~95% of US Covid Deaths Had 4 Comorbidities/Causes Per Death”

  1. Yep. And apparently 78% of the deceased in the US were morbidly obese. Kinda changes the overall picture, huh? Add to that the fact that all the suffering we’ve endured over the last two years has been for a “deadly virus” with a 98% recovery rate “untreated”, and even the most vicious pro-vaccine attack dogs might start thinking they’ve been scammed.

    It should also come as no surprise that—due primarily to the copious amounts of alarmist hype spewing out of various prime-time fake-news outlets—some of the sheeple in the US actually believed that the covid-19 mortality rate was as high as 40%. No one in the lamestream media ever said so, but all their strident sky-is-falling rhetoric made the sheeple assume as much.

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