Quebec City Convoy Starts in Solidarity With Ottawa Convoy

As Ottawa falls under an unconstitutional police state with police violently removing peaceful participants of Free Convoy 2022, a convoy has banded together in Quebec City in solidarity with the Ottawa convoy.

#freedomconvoy #truckersforfreedom

6 thoughts on “Quebec City Convoy Starts in Solidarity With Ottawa Convoy”

  1. Bonjour and Bonne Nuit to Our Canadiens Convoy in Quebec! THANK YOU …MERCI BEAUCOUP!! for The Support/pout le supporter de la Convoy dans/in Ottawa!

    My heart literally broke in chunks hearing what they did to our Convoy Members in Ottawa and Alberta.

    The worst of it all was the Huge Vomit of Hatred exiting the mouth and pores of our Prime Minister, True-Duck who clearly has tried to slip in the New Nazi-Manifesto 2030 Agenda from His Lover and unspoken Boss of WEF, Globalist/Ill-uminati, Mr. “own nothing, have zero rights be happy Mr. Schwab. In suggest Mr Trudeau takes the lead and sell off all his stocks, collateral, assets, and property and shared vacation resorts, etc etc and be happy about it. Or perhaps he needs a REEDUCATION PROGRAM In What the Constitution actually says about NOT EVEN AN EMERGENCY DECLARED COULD SUPERCEDE ANY MANDATE FOR INFORMED MEDICAL CONSENT OF A MEDICAL TREATMENT! As a True Canadian spoke up a few weeks ago, “Mr. Trudeau, We Know What You Are Doing. You are Committing Treason! Do you know what We Did to Traitors Like You? They were Hanged, Mr Trudeau!

    1. Well said KD. He is nothing but a traitor and needs to be punished as one. He is is personally responsible for the crimes that are being committed against the most peaceful demonstrators you could ever find, who are demonstrating against a government that has done more harm to it’s citizens than any other Canadian government in history.

    You cannot fight from inside a jail. If they come down hard on one location DO NOT GET YOURSELF TOSSED IN JAIL. Just pick up and move a block or a mile down the road at start again there.

  3. Something tells me that this is not over. I have a feeling that we will see more of these “actions” happening in the near future, and if the “emergency” measures somehow get struck down, that’s when the real fun is going to start.
    Traitors and treasonists are going to have to get used to looking over their shoulders.

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