[LIVE REPORT] Heavily-Armed Police Seize Peaceful Ottawa Convoy (55 min.)

[OTTAWA – FEB. 19] Heavily-armed police seized control of Freedom Convoy participant areas on Wellington St. today in front of Parliament Hill, aggressively forcing peaceful protesters back.

Watch this 55-min. live report.

*Still pictures simultaneously shot on another camera while filming leading to less smooth footage.

4 thoughts on “[LIVE REPORT] Heavily-Armed Police Seize Peaceful Ottawa Convoy (55 min.)”

    1. Kitty Antonik Wakfer

      Trudeau’s “party and Parliament [not just] allow this tyranny on Canadians”, they have ORDERED IT! NONE of this is being done w/o Trudeau’s knowledge, agreement AND ORDERS! His hands are covered (metaphorically) in blood BUT the TYRANNY-ENFORCERS YOU SEE HERE ARE THE ACTUAL HARM-DOERS.
      Often lost in these past many months of Tyranny is that WITHOUT many GovEnforcers willing to threaten & actually initiate physical force for compliance to WORDs, those WORDS are ignorable, that Trudeau & other issuers – Politicians & Bureaucrats – are IMPOTENT. These Pols & Bureaucrats do NOT get out & enforce their own WORDS! Large numbers of Gov/State Enforcers do it bc “it’s just my job” or “Just following orders” AND most ppl still do not Socially Preference against them for that enforcement. Don’t simply tolerate these Tyranny Enforcers! But NO Initiated Violence! Martyrs are not helpful.
      But do practice NO Voluntary Association – NO Sales/ NO Service/ NO Friendship, esp this last – w/ GovEnforcers who enforce TYRANNY!! To do otherwise is to be complicit in the Tyranny! Support those GovEnforcers who are breaking ranks w/ their Tyranny Enforcing Brethren & encourage MORE such Renunciations.

      1. No wonder that Justin Trudaex orders the heaviest combat, as he is, as reported, getting a kickback from every jab injected. “The love of money is the root of all evil”

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