2 thoughts on “PM Trudeau’s Tweet Contradicts Medically Discriminatory Society He Enforced”

  1. That fool is unethical, bigoted, thuggish, and has great difficult connecting facts with his assertions. He is an empty individual, hollow so deep it is the darkest dark.

    Meanwhile he wags his finger at Canadians, yet again.

    Junior needs to be taken down a few pegs. Too bad that the senior cabinet ministers have not got the backbone to stand up to a man set on crushing liberty out of our form of governance. They are all for doing great harm and violence to the lives of their fellow countrymen. If they imagine that they are beyond reproach, that they will get away with this, then, they are heading for a very rude awakening. WHEN GOVERNMENT SETS ITSELF AGAINST ITS CITIZENS, it no longer is legitimate. When these feckless thugs act with treachery, they invite charges of treason.

    So we can expect them to use the heavy hand of government to throw the first allegations against those they want to marginalize.

    Junior will find himself unwelcomed in this country. He best find a slow boat to China, climb a dung heap there and self-isolate as he waits for permission to breathe under the heel of the Communist PARTY OF CHINA. He is so bloody submissive to them he might as well go there and enjoy the super green atmosphere he says he envies so very much. Get to the dung heap Junior and stop trying to make Canada into a shithole. We are better than YOU, Junior.

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