PM Trudeau Relies on Pandemic Experts, Doesn’t Know Dr. Robert Malone

Watch as Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau admits to man in Kensington Market, Toronto, that he doesn’t know the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, and Canadian Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD, while stating he relies on doctors and public health experts to guide his pandemic response.

Trudeau clearly shows his favour for scientific dogma and censorship, rather than open scientific dialogue and qualified experts who question his “safe and effective” Covid-19 “vaccine” narrative.

6 thoughts on “PM Trudeau Relies on Pandemic Experts, Doesn’t Know Dr. Robert Malone”

  1. TURDeau is a complete IDIOT! He wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between his A$$hole and a hole in the ground

  2. You folks reporting the news seem lame, the question to ask is how is Trudeau the number 1 investor in the MRNA part of the vaccine which Dr. Malone was the inventor and holds the patent on? Trudeau is spueing this lie right in your face showing how much of a pee on he thinks you are and you definitely acted the part what’s wrong with shutting off the porn or the video games so your brain actually functions

    1. getting late in the game

      Moreover,he should have been specifically asked about his Foundation’s investments in the company that produces the lipid nanoparticle. Trudeau is in up to his neck in democide and any questions have to get much closer to exposing his guilt.

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