Pathologist Proves Covid ‘Vaccines’ Caused Deaths -Drs. Arne Burkhardt & Sucharit Bhakdi

According to virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, the results of Professor Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s microscopic work on the tissues of dead vaccinees are clear: the Covid-19 “vaccines” caused the deaths of 15 people.

Infiltrations of lymphocytes (immune white blood cells), specifically killer T-cells, were found in multiple organs and tissues. This has never been seen before in Dr. Burkhardt’s 40 year career as a pathologist examining biopsied tissues.

“Horrific,” says Dr. Bhakdi.

Dr. Arne Burkhardt is one of two pathologists in the world (the other being Dr. Ryan Cole) currently known to be investigating whether Covid-19 “vaccines” are causing deaths in the experimental-gene-therapy injected.

This video is taken from Dr. Bhakdi’s 29-minute interview with Dr. Burkhardt.

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