BOMBSHELL: Twitter Files Show Twitter Rigged Covid Debate

With nearly 20 million views in just over 5 hours, millions of people and experts–vilified, censored and dubbed “unscientific” and “conspiracy theorists”–have been vindicated by the latest Twitter Files bombshell tweet by David Zweig showing “How Twitter rigged the Covid debate.”

This 31-tweet thread exposes the extent of the misinformation and propaganda campaign, including how the US govt and FBI influenced the Covid narrative pressuring social media platforms to conform with their narrative using bots, AI, unqualified fact-checkers in the Phillipines, etc. to shut down experts, like Harvard’s Martin Kuldorff, independent media outlets, like Bright Light News (permanently suspended Twitter account, new account), and citizens who even shared the CDC’s “own data.”

Will this latest bombshell of Big Tech and US govt collusion on suppressing the truth be enough to jolt the many from the mass psychosis hypnosis that they’ve been under? Only time…and Twitter (for now) will tell.

UPDATE: Elon Musk promises more to come next week (see last tweet below).

1 thought on “BOMBSHELL: Twitter Files Show Twitter Rigged Covid Debate”

  1. Will this release affect the sheep in any way, shape or form?
    They’ve never tried looking for the truth.
    They stop reading things after the third word.

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