Dr. Charles Hoffe’s Message to Ottawa Freedom Convoy

After blowing the whistle on vaccine injuries, including 1 death and several permanent injuries in his practice, Dr. Charles Hoffe was attacked and put under investigation by the College and Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

On Sunday, Feb. 13, his powerful message was played on the outdoor video wall for the truckers of #FreedomConvoy in Ottawa.

**Bright Light News would like to thank Dr. Hoffe and all of the other participating doctors who accepted our invite to share a message with the #truckersforfreedom2022.

16 thoughts on “Dr. Charles Hoffe’s Message to Ottawa Freedom Convoy”

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  3. What I am told is this vaccine is to keep people out of the hospital snd keep them from dying, changed from “stop the spread” and “protect those around you”. As we see, it does not protect others at all. What happens to an already long line at primary care offices when there are fewer primary care doctors? I believe people will die. They won’t get the care they need when they need it. Waiting is not good with early signs of heart disease–that needs to be taken care of soon, not waiting 3-4 months to see your doctor as “that is routine”. In the meantime, they might quit having warning signs and just go for the major heart attack, deadly or not, at least damaging to the heart. My father had numerous MI’s and his heart failure disabled him. I don’t want to see someone else go through that.


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  6. With tears in my eyes, thank you Dr. Hoff, thank you all the Canadian Truckers, Thank you all you Canadian citizens standing up.
    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


  7. To all fellow Canadians, especially deranged ones, who believe there’s a virus in our environment!
    Cancel Culture was used as a psychological weapon to silence and demoralize public!
    And it was pushed further to separate public into groups and then to radicalize some in order to destabilize society!
    Have no doubt that vast majority of political class wants social destruction in order to usher in dystopian totalitarian system in which they hope to stay ruling class!
    I stated in Spring of 2020, that they will start a war to distract from investigation into their crimes of treason!
    Political career must be abolished as a profession! It always leads to betrayal and treason! It is toxic environment in every system of representation and ruins almost all people who dwell in it!
    Political systems are compromised and they must be abandoned as eternally corrupt and irreparable!
    Revolution or Peril for humans!
    Nothing else…

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  9. God bless you Dr. Charles Hoffe. We need all ethical doctors to speak out like this. This is nothing more than a depopulation experiment. All our government elected officials who are pushing them on us need to be held responsible for the deaths and injuries. I have two in my own family who now have serious brain damage from the shots and I don’t think but a few percent of injuries are actually reported.

  10. Dr. Paul Alexander advises everyone to not take a booster or another jab. Says there is no guarantee you will be alive in five years.
    Get your attention yet?
    Hear him speak after Randy Hillier over at Laura Lynn’s FB channel:
    Live with MPP Randy Hillier

  11. This is a sad state of affairs. These tyrants are trying to enslave the populations. Why would Health Canada and the College of Physicians and Surgeons not have a lab look into the contents of these so called vaccines before coercing them on the public. This is criminal and unethical. When are these people going to be held accountable. They took an oath. These shots are still experimental and injuring people and causing death. To go after our wonderful doctors is criminal. Wait until those injected find out what is really in them. Then our governments will be held accountable. Thank you Doctors. Be strong. Hang in there.

    1. This is a sad state of affairs. These tyrants are trying to enslave the populations AAAHAHAH

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