Firearms May Be Planted in Ottawa to Sabotage Freedom Convoy 2022

[PRESS RELEASE] Danny Bulford, ex-RCMP & Trudeau security detail, discusses reliable intel that firearms may be planted specifically around Ottawa’s #FreedomConvoy.

2 thoughts on “Firearms May Be Planted in Ottawa to Sabotage Freedom Convoy 2022”

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  2. February 15, 2022

    Oh, So That Angry Press Person Yesterday Who Implied The Truck Convoy Had Weapons Here in Ottawa—-
    Did Not check to see that the Truck Convoy had informed the police about this possibility.
    Right Honorable Brian Peckford

    That “Angry Press Person” was the CTV reporter that was invited to the Convoy Press Conference and after suggesting there were firearms amongst the truckers was immediately yelled at by many in the room as a ” Liar,liar,liar,liar” .

    Canadians getting an education in False Flags run by those that care less about the country or the people of Canada.

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