Ottawa Police Tweet Again Gaslights Public

@OttawaPolice tweeted misinformation for the 2nd day in a row, claiming that protesters threw gas at officers (after tweeting that there were no injuries yesterday despite a viral video showing 2 people being trampled by police horses). Being on the ground reporting today, we can confirm that protesters were again peaceful and lawful.

Police offers, however, continued their violent rampage with more protesters being assaulted and Rebel News’ Alex Lavoie sustaining an injury from a tear gas cannister striking here from close range. It’s alleged that rubber bullets were also fired.

12 thoughts on “Ottawa Police Tweet Again Gaslights Public”

  1. ALEXA LAVOIE Journalist with The Rebel BEATEN

    It would be preferable to identify the Police Officer directly involved, however other deserving parties may Identify themselves.
    Every Police Officer in Canada will soon be aware that there is a large quantity of Canadians now looking for either Justice, or Revenge. Without doubt many will take steps to arm themselves.
    The surest way of deterring a repeat of this will be to ensure that it is returned ONE HUNDRED FOLD, and at the earliest possible opportunity.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with previous comments. As a 28 yr military vet, I simply can’t find the words to describe my dismay, my sorrow, my shock over the treasonous antics of our police, and most of all, our PM. I just emailed our GovGen begging her to do whatever she can to dethrone this obviously unsound, unstable creature. I will follow up with phone call tomorrow. Perhaps if enough of us blitz GovGen she might react. Hold the line!

  3. So, if you fire a teargas canister at someone and they kick it back at you, that’s them attacking you with teargas? Excuse me for a moment while I die laughing! 😀 😀 😀

  4. I can’t find anything of Ottawa Parliament in session today? Isn’t it illegal to be cancelled yesterday since the parliament has to rubber stamp the martial law? I saw a few clips where the pompous judge and the speaker were speaking unmasked but everyone else had the diapers on. It’s hilarious hypocrisy, and pure evil.

    Freedom is well and dead in Canada, socially distanced to six feet under the tear gas smoked streets. This is illegal repression by the military here as the Charter rights supersede all laws in Canada and allow for protests and freedom of assembly! All these militarized police and politicians need to face justice, at least a year in jail is appropriate. I know next step will be hauling massive amounts of non-compliant, intolerables to isolation camps, after freezing their banks and forcing them out of jobs and levying massive fines on their families. It’s going to happen soon in Canada. Latest video was some snowboarder being arrested for not masking on a ski slope! Canada is finished as a country.

  5. Journalist Andrew Lawton assaulted by police:
    Candice Malcolm
    I’ve just retained a lawyer on behalf of True North and our journalist @AndrewLawton. We are suing the police for assault and targeting a working journalist.
    @JustinTrudeau: you don’t get to beat up journalists in this country. See you in court.

  6. Ezra Levant details the violence inflicted upon his reporter Alexa Lavoie.Go see the evidence up on his news site or his twitter feed:

    “I just spoke with Alexa Lavoie, our brave reporter who was just assaulted by Trudeau’s police,” said Ezra Levant. “She tells me a cop hit her three times with a club and then shot a tear gas canister at her leg from point-blank range. Trudeau has instructed his police to attack journalists.”

    “Alexa says she was specifically targeted by a cop who saw her camera. She says he came up to her and beat her and pushed her down. She says he tried to knock the phone out of her hands, to stop her from filming,” Levant added, noting that police were captured on film beating a woman with a stick, and shooting her at point-blank range with a tear gas round.

    “I have spoken with Alexa and with legal counsel. We will sue the police on Alexa’s behalf. I know the rest of the Media Party is delighting at Trudeau’s brutality and martial law. But we still believe in peace and freedom,” said Levant.

  7. Shame on these police officers who willingly accepted to brutalize peaceful demonstrators. They broke the oath they took and do not deserve to wear the police uniform.

  8. The speaker of the house cut off the MP from Oshawa- after he asked questions about Klause Schwabs gloating about the WEF – penetrating more tan 50 of the treasonous Liberal Cabinet!!!

    They all need to be charged with high treason! The only question Canadians have now is – after these treasonous criminals are brought to justice in our high courts and sentenced – will they choose: lethal injection, electrocution, or the firing squad- may they burn in hell for their evil crimes.

    Their forced injections, illegal mandates destruction of charter rights, attack on families, attacks on the church, attack on democracy, and their brutality will not be forgotten or forgiven!!!

  9. Batons or clubs used early this morning by police.
    Pepper spray and tear gas was common early this morning.
    Snipers and heavy weapons were omnipresent.
    In spite of all the propaganda and the truckers peacefully retreating so they would not get pulverized by police actions and violence it only took the Canadian Truckers and their movement ‘Three Weeks to Flatten the Turd.”

  10. Things in Ottawa are getting out of hand … Kinda mirroring TURDEAU … Out of Control. .
    KEEP THIS IN MIND … One person with a small quantity of Cayenne Powder (aka Horse Repellent) can fully disrupt the operation of a Police Mounted Unit.
    Here’s why that may be NECESSARY. .
    In our Parliamentary system, Canadians did not elect Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada. The elected Liberal members of parliament did that, and he now retains power, only due to their continued support and that of NDP MPs.
    It is obvious to me that our PM is undergoing some sort of Mental Breakdown and is acting irrationally. I believe it is now pointless trying to deal with him, and that we must pass responsibility for dealing with the current situation on to those responsible for supporting him.
    Further attempts to interact with Trudeau will be fruitless. My recommendation is that the current sitting Liberal and NDP members of Parliament should have the responsibility to deal with this situation, placed directly on THEIR shoulders. They must be held accountable for what they do, and/or do not do.
    Mister Sunny Ways is not a Deep Thinker. His actions in the HoC concerning Mellissa Lantsman prove that beyond any reasonable doubt. I can only see two possibilities moving forward.
    • Justin resigns, or is removed as PM by Liberal or NDP MPs,
    • A low-level Civil War begins where deaths gradually increase to about 100 per year.
    There are no halfway measures between the two. The Protestors are peaceful, but those watching from the wings are not. That includes the likes of Ottawa’s NOMADS (Hell’s Angels), but they are not the truly dangerous ones. Trudeau has placed the safety of every LPC and NDP member of Parliament, as well as many highly visible MSM employees at great risk.
    WATCH. What happens from here on will be traced by Historians back to that single IDIOTIC ACTION.

    Forget Justin he has lost it. Hold the Liberal and NDP MPs fully responsible from here on in.

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