Ontario Loses 1,000+ ICU Beds During “Pandemic”

Incredibly, during the middle of a supposed pandemic, the province of Ontario has managed to lose 1,114 adult ICU beds from May 13, 2020, to Dec. 24, 2021, according to the province’s own data.


Most alarming in this new information is the fact that the Ontario govt increased its $39.6 billion 2020 budget (“$16.3 billion to protect people’s health and $23.3 billion to protect the economy”) in its COVID-19 Action Plan to $51 billion for 2021. Nowhere to be seen are the 500 new “surge” beds that Premier Ford promised Jan. 18 for Toronto, Durham Region, Windsor, Ottawa, and Kingston.

Also raising critically-thinking eyebrows is the suspension/termination of nearly 10,000 Ontario healthcare workers in the past few months going into an expected surge in the daily hyped mild Omicron cases and esp. during the typical busy flu season.

The Ontario govt owes an explanation to one of the most restricted societies in North America: where are the 1,000+ ICU beds and exactly where did the $51 billion goes?

10 thoughts on “Ontario Loses 1,000+ ICU Beds During “Pandemic””

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  2. The link you provide saying nearly 10,000 Ontario healthcare workers have been suspended/terminated cites that number across all of Canada. That article shows under 1700 of those workers came from Ontario. The wording in this article is a false claim and the link provided does not back up the claim made. This should be fixed. I like BLN and the content you provide but it’s important to be precise and not exaggerate things to strengthen your argument.

  3. Over the years I have heard so many people use the phrase “politicians are all crooks” and I thought there was some truth to this statement, but it was somewhat exaggerated. Now I see over 99% are real criminals. The Canadian parliament has 338 members and when the covid scam started there was only one MP (that I am aware of), Derek Sloan, who was questioning the Covid narrative and the measures the government was taking. That left over 99% of the MP’s going along with the communist style laws that where being enacted.

    And the provinces are no different. There are no provinces that are adhering to the principals of freedom and rights and instead are spending tax payers dollars like a bunch of drunken sailors (I’m not picking on sailors because I used to be one). There are only a handful of places, like Florida, where the politicians are pushing back and giving their citizens the freedoms they are granted by law.

    Can someone explain to me how there can be so many corrupt politicians, not just in Canada, but around the world.

    1. Easy.. Corporations get one of their lobbyists to make friends with a politician, and when they trust them enough, the lobbyists sneak a link to some kiddy porn in an email with some clever wording, then they blackmail the politicians into doing whatever they want – mostly because they don’t want to be labeled a pedo, but they get paid too.

      1. Annabelle, I think this is a plausible explanation. I think most of us have done things in out past that we regret and want to forget and this would be even more devastating for a politician with all their public exposure.

    2. Easy..they have all been told to take the money and tow the line or the powers that be will turn the media on them. When money is your God it’s easier to take the easy way out and lie, lie, lie.

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