Omicron Is Nature’s Vaccine & an Exit Strategy

Dr. Paul Alexander, PhD, Academic Scientist, is a specialist in evidence-based medicine being a senior Covid-19 advisor for the Pan-American Health Organization and the Trump administration.

He spoke today at #freedomconvoy2022 on various topics, including mild Omicron presenting itself as an excellent opportunity…an offramp and exit strategy from govt measures.

4 thoughts on “Omicron Is Nature’s Vaccine & an Exit Strategy”

  1. The Davos Gang that Justine answers to will unleash something far more devastating if the people hesitate in arresting him and trying him ASAP.
    Surely,members of the police and military have also figured that out so where are they?

  2. I pity all the people who rushed out to get themselves vaxxed and are just waking up now, But, hey…better late than never, right?

    1. Im not so sure better late than never will work for this one. if 1/2 the shit they say these vax cause theres going to be a serious die off of citizens. Its our military personel the concerns me. Every bit of this crap plays right into china’s hand. And #ChinaJoe will turn continue to turn his back or American’s

  3. …..and we knew it from the beginning….
    We were and still are being told lies!

    “ the great reset” … it didn’t and won’t work!

    Thank you Dr. P. Alexander for speaking the truth!

    Bless you!

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