Canadian Truckers Are Weaving Us Back Together Again – Dr. Julie Ponesse

Dr. Julie Ponesse, PhD, Professor of Ethics, gave an emotional speech at the #freedomconvoy2022 rally in Parliament Hill, Ottawa, yesterday, clarifying the historic importance of Canadian truckers battling for the freedoms of all Canadians.

14 thoughts on “Canadian Truckers Are Weaving Us Back Together Again – Dr. Julie Ponesse”

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  2. The Globalist Agenda that Coward-19 and his WEF devoted cabinet are implementing will not stop until they are arrested,along with the Health Ministers and Premiers that forward this globalist destruction against Canada.

    “We penetrate the cabinets.So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet -and even more than half of his cabinet -are our Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.” Klaus Schwab

  3. So far, it seems like Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is the only provincial leader in Canada with the balls to look at the REAL SCIENCE and at least talk about doing what’s right in terms of lifting all restrictions and canceling vax mandates. Of course, he’s being attacked by the lockdown/vax-nazis—but that should be considered a badge of honor.

    1. Of course, he’s talking up the vaccines now…how safe and effective they are…but you can see that he doesn’t really believe it anymore. He’s also bragging about vaccination rates—while admitting that the majority of new cases are fully vaxxed, that people in the province are completely fed up, and that it’s time to return to normal. (In today’s extremely volatile and polarized political climate, this is what passes as a shining example of raw courage.)

    2. We are now more divided than ever.

      What children?
      Who are are all these children who were lost?
      What is she talking about?

      The divisiveness and hostility is worse for our children than the virus itself.

      1. Most Canadians are coming out of their Legacy Media trance,Leanne.
        VAERS,EU and UK data (although a fraction of actual events) show umpteen thousands of miscarriages for the vaxxed mothers.
        It is widely reported that 80% of pregnancies end in miscarriage for the vaxxed that believed the lies and then killed their own child.
        Might want to get with it ,Leanne.
        It’s name is genocide.

        1. 400,000 Vaxx Abortions (miscarriages) in the last year in the US:
          US Military Data Confirms 300% + Increase in miscarriages
          Stew Peters Show Published February 2, 2022

      2. Otherwise healthy Children have died from the jab, and—with the exception of a few small local reports—the lamestream media just haven’t been reporting it. So, what would you say to the parents of those children? “Oh, most children won’t die, so yours was simply one of the very few unlucky ones”? Yeah, I’m sure that would help.

        And it’s not just kids by a long shot! There was a huge rally in DC with people wearing badges with the name of the vaccine that harmed them. One of the primary speakers was a former champion mountain biker whose career is now over thanks to the jab.

        Now, I can either cite everything I’ve told you here from credible sources, or you can open your eyes and do your own homework. Which do you think I’d recommend? (And that’s for your benefit, not mine.)

        By the way, I don’t blame you for not knowing the truth; I blame the ones who don’t want you to know.

  4. I’m sure Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre will ensure that this kind of shyte never happens again. What’s that you say? O’Toole isn’t quite gone yet, and Poilievre has yet to crush Trudeau in the next election? Give it time.

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