My Zoom Call With Vaccine Choice Canada

I was honoured to be the guest speaker on Vaccine Choice Canada’s (VCC) national zoom call March 15, 2023, to talk about my new upside-down new life, going from non-journalist to having interviewed over 100 experts, elected officials, freedom activists, and many more, including Drs. Byram Bridle, Peter McCullough, Hon. Brian Peckford and Tamara Lich.

Since starting Bright Light News in Sept. 2020, I’ve travelled the world, stood daily on the stage at the Freedom Convoy as the only media allowed, and resigned from my Ontario school board teacher position to dive two feet in to help expose the truth and fight for our collective human rights and constitutional freedoms.

Join me for this zoom led by VCC’s venerable president, Ted Kuntz!

4 thoughts on “My Zoom Call With Vaccine Choice Canada”

  1. how many people including the editor who wrote this article know that Tamara Lich is in fact, 100% controlled opposition??..and all other’s who bump shoulders with this woman, wittingly or unwittingly are staining their reputations in the truth communities if you don’t see this for what it is and choose to side with this woman…how could I say such a thing? let me fill you on something, facts, that no one else seems to want to touch on and lets put this to bed once and for all.. During the convoy, early on while organizers were getting together nightly in downtown Ottawa a few key characters rose to the proverbial upper echelon within the group..there wasn’t much to suspect until two odd things that were quickly forgotten about happened. the first more than odd thing, Tamara bringing in Dagny Pawluk, even listed as a Convoy organizer on the manifest that was handed out to all was brought on to “help” as she has prior experience with these thing, interviews were had, and it was all very scripted. Funny thing is, Dagny Pawluk was Liberal Minister Marco Mendocino’s campaign manager who had also spent time within the Obama Administration. Does that make sense to you? Even after Tamara was warned and called out, from none other than Sheila Gunn Reid for this folly, Dagny was allowed to stay on, Lich not batting an eye to the obvious. Does that make sense to you? And then when EMA enquiry was occurring, and Rouleaux was overseeing the sham that it turned out to be, wouldn’t you know it, Dagny, no where to be found, not even a mention through out the entire damn show. And the one to end it all, which seemed odd to any critical eye was the way she knew she was about to be arrested, knew where it was going to happen, who the arresting officer was, no stink, no fuss, turned around, cuffed, walked away, made sure the cameras were present, psy-op complete..let the headlines, fake jail, fake fines, smears in the media do the rest to paint the picture to the masses that she is now some hero to us all fighting for ‘freedom’, blah blah blah..You’ve all been had on a massive scale, and further are victims of a grande psy-op that continues on to this day

  2. getting late in the game

    You did all of Canada a great and vital service with your reporting and coverage since this whole show began.
    My thanks to you.

  3. Hello, good day. I love your interviews, and have learned so so much from Bright Light News. Especially that there are so many amazing humanitarian scientists, doctors and researchers. Especially including yourself. I do have a question…..How do you decide which questions to ask the people you have interviewed, or moderated in panel discussion? That is my question, Thank You so so much. BTW…..EXCELLENT interview of you from VCC!!!!!!
    Respectfully, LM

    1. Hello, LM, and thank you! Interview questions are a balance of expertise of the interviewee, something they are known for in terms of breaking news, what I think is relevant within the current narrative with my understanding of the corruption preceding Covid and, finally, what the interviewee would like to talk about. Much of the time, the questions are also conversational, just relying on what I have learned to the time of the interview. There’s no set formula…just a cobbling together of questions that hopefully resonate with the audience to help us better understand our world and provide a way forward. Hope that helps!

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