Monica Smit Is Leading A Global Walkout to Reignite Freedom

[Vienna, Austria] We caught up with Monica Smit, founder of, to learn more about her initiative to help global citizens easily disconnect from the globalist agenda that so many of us are unwittingly participating in, like the use of credit cards, online shopping, and big box store purchasing.

Backed by such freedom stalwarts as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Christine Anderson, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and Amanda Forbes (Children’s Health Defense Canada), Smit spoke at the #betterwayconference to help people reignite freedom. Each step towards building the world we want, free of globalist control, is announced weekly on Sundays 3pm EST. See the first 3 steps here.

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2 thoughts on “Monica Smit Is Leading A Global Walkout to Reignite Freedom”

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  2. Very few people move out of their comfort zone, it can be difficult, however, to help in something like what Monica talked about take the first little step and do something that you are compelled to do that will have influence to you or someone else, the first step is always the hardest. Good Luck.

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