[INTERVIEW] I’ve Seen Communism Before, It Does Not End Well -Pastor Artur Pawlowski

16 arrests. About 100 court appearances and 300 citations. A viral video that instantly shot around the world for his defiant exhortations and warnings to public health, bylaw and police officers to leave his church, “Get out, Nazis!” Freshly released from 51 days in jail. Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been fearlessly fighting the “tyrannical” forces that now run Canada.

Join us for this explosive March 4th interview in which Dr. Emad Guirguis, MD, gets Pastor Art to share the shocking details of how he overcame his recent incarceration in which prison staff offered rewards of extra recreational time to inmates if they attacked and stabbed him and tried to incite violence against him by blaming him for a lockdown. Learn how Pastor Art’s past life under socialist Poland has informed and fuelled his fight for freedom and made him a hero and beacon of hope for many around the world.

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23 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] I’ve Seen Communism Before, It Does Not End Well -Pastor Artur Pawlowski”

  1. I hate to admit it, but the twit may have a point regarding Rebel News.
    I’ve looked further into the Rebel News QCJO application. QCJO is administered by CRA for the purpose of determining if a news producer qualifies for tax credits. By their own admission, Rebel News has already been granted accreditation as a news service by other branches of the federal government which continues to allow them to function as a viable news organization.
    You can read Rebel News’ legal response here.
    So it appears, at least on the surface, that the only reason Rebel News would apply for QCJO status, is to qualify for tax credits as a news organization. That’s what’s been denied.

    Now one could argue that a tax credit isn’t the same as a subsidy, and that would be a credible argument, but it still smells bad at least on the surface, considering that Rebel News swore never to take any funding from the federal government, because they refuse to be one of the turd’s bought-and-paid-for media minions, and thereby compromise their integrity.

    I would certainly like to have an explanation from Rebel News as to why they would be pursuing QCJO in the first place!

    1. The loss of our freedoms has a direct link from WEF to Trudeau/Freeland.
      Two Rebel News reporters have been assaulted by Trudeau’s staff and thugs.
      I would like an explanation about that. We know it is unacceptable.
      Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie was hit with a club at least three times and then shot in the leg in Ottawa while you argue about subsidies . Rebel News is fighting to maintain their rights as a legitimate reporting agency that Trudeau would love to dismiss outright. That is what this is about. Don’t kid yourself.

      “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it.” The Turd

      1. I agree with everything you said, Max, but the question still remains.

        Why would the Rebel be seeking QCJO status if they truly wish to remain independent? From what I understand, QCJO status is only needed to acquire tax credits from the federal government. It is not required for the Rebel to continue operating.

        Am I wrong? If I am, please set me straight. I need fresh ammunition for my battle of wits against the twit!

        1. The Turd won’t grant RN a new license. As in all dictatorships free speech and then free thought goes out the window:
          The twit is a sideshow to derail the main event.
          Trudeau has done his part to squash free speech and has sent out the jackboots in order to instill fear into all Canadians.
          Freeland and Trudeau-and Singh- are implementing the Great Reset where none of us will have a pot to piss in and all our freedoms are destroyed. Context is vital right now.Choose your fight well.

          1. Again, Max. I’m sorry to berate the point. I agree with everything you said, but the question still remains unanswered, and I would like an answer from RN. Don’t pin this on the turd. You don’t have to twist my arm to convince me that the Turd and RN don’t see eye-to-eye, and so I know that the turd wants RN to go away. As far as the twit is concerned, he’s irrelevant at this point. Answer the question.
            A simple “I don’t know” will suffice, because I really don’t know either. That’s why I’m asking the question.

          2. They have been in Trudeau’s cross hairs for years and they are attempting to remain an entity in spite of this diabolical hatred of the Turd to dispose of them.
            Email them. Call them. I can’t answer for Rebel News.

  2. The Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms links a netflix series up on their site:
    How to Become a Tyrant… in Canada

    “….. democracy to dictatorship. So,let’s not be arrogant and let’s not be naive.”

    The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is a non-profit national constitutional law organization funded by voluntary donations from concerned Canadians.

  3. Rebel News documented and reports through Access to Information documents on Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland as the co-chair of the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ meetings in Davos,Switzerland on Dec. 08,2020.
    Trudeau denies any awareness of the WEF’s Great Reset as “conspiracy theories” but follows the WEF script,implementing their policies.
    Justin and Chrystia ‘Building Back Better’ for the WEF’s Great Reset:


  4. Doctors Zelenko and Breggin give us the overview of the agenda:

    ” If anyone still,after a year and a half,has any faith in any governmental institution and any governing body of medicine then the consequences of those choices are on you. It’s clear,it’s obvious that the governing bodies of the world have taken our trust and conspired to either enslave or eradicate us.” Dr. Zev Zelenko 31:00

    “When Klaus Schwab makes the following statement in 2016 that within ten years everyone will have a digital identifier -like a Jew in Auschwitz or a cow.This is not a theory.It is a conspiracy to commit genocide and mass murder. ” Zelenko 33:00

    ” They should face capital punishment for committing mass murder and the message needs to be sent to future aspiring tyrants that we are going to do the same to you. You need to understand the scale of what is going on. Stop being stupid. Wake up and use your power of deductive reasoning. This is a conspiracy that has been fuelled by the stupidity of the public. It’s time to wake up.The information is out there.This is an easy infection to treat if you develop early treatment. You defeat the tyranny. Its a war between free thinking and living in a God centered way vs. the enslavement of the mind.” Zelenko 57:00

    “What they are afraid of is an educated public that begins to resist (note Ottawa and Australia). There’s only 3-400 people organising all of this.I hope humanity wakes up and takes back what is theirs-which is their God-given right for freedom.” Zelenko 46:30


  5. Here’s an interview with Dr. Zev Zelenko. He is up for a Nobel Prize.
    If you don’t understand the mRNA /graphene oxide platform you are a year behind.
    How anybody took one of these mRNA injections with the best doctors and scientists screaming about them for the past year means a lot of folks aren’t very bright:


    Manipulation of the genetic code at will.
    These liquids contain three simultaneously administered capabilities:
    1.Population control dynamics
    2.Enslavement thru 24/7 surveillance
    3.Transhumanist transformation from humans to whatever they slice in.

    This is a platform of death. They created a crisis to enslave humanity and eliminate humanity.
    They have worked for generations on a platform where human consciousness is preserved and transferred.

  6. WEF / Covid agenda:
    Close churches.
    Muzzle people.
    Isolate them.
    Destroy their jobs and livelihoods.
    Liquor stores open.
    Pot shots open.
    Mass inoculation with gene editing mRNA tech for all of humanity under the guise of a global emergency SOLD AS BEING worse than the plague.
    mRNA injections destroy DNA so you are no longer a product of the Creator.
    Graphene Oxide is injected so that you are now poisoned and 5G programmable.
    DARPA technology that is over 30 years in the making.
    Gene editing is the cornerstone of the WEF’s Fourth Revolution.
    Let Klaus Schwab tell you what his technocratic plans for humanity are and what they have accomplished while you believed Theresa Tam,Doug Ford,Trudeau and Freeland:
    ” The fourth industrial revolution does not change what you are doing. It changes you-if you take a genetic editing.It’s you who are changed and it has a big impact on your identity” Klaus Schwab in his 2015 Charlie Rose interview .
    This has been in the plans for a long,long time. Hope you never fell for the WEF prison plan that Freeland and Trudeau have implemented.

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