Ontario Bill 100 Allows Govt to Seize Your House and Car Without a Trial

Ontario’s Bill 100 presents a grave danger to democracy and Charter Rights in Ontario, said Rick Nicholls MPP from a letter that he read yesterday: it gives the govt the power to seize property (your house, car, etc.) without a hearing or trial for exercising your guaranteed right to freedom of speech and assembly, that is, for merely protesting. Guilty until proven innocent and unable to speak out against the govt.

Ontario MPP Rick Nicholls questions Solicitor General Sylvia Jones on the chilling bill in which “tyranny will literally become the new norm.”

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94 thoughts on “Ontario Bill 100 Allows Govt to Seize Your House and Car Without a Trial”

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  4. Good thing the Canadian Constitution has a Supremacy Clause, that states any new law that opposes the Constitution is void and cannot become law

    1. What has our so called constitution done for us since covid….not a damn thing. The govt is walking all over Canadian rights and our judges are also going along with governments overreach, both federally and provincially.

      1. I have to say I can’t wait till the liberals are voted out and all their stupid bills will be deleted along with them, they will go down like a liberal should and never aloud in politics again or any position that has to do with government

      2. all western governments are now under the control of the communist
        WEF , their foot soldiers the useful idiots aka the freemasons keep
        everything in “lockstep”, as alice cooper said welcome to my nightmare

  5. Paul J Fishman

    My question is this: Whether you were involved in the convoy in Ottawa or Not, is every single Ontario citizen subject to having their property and wealth STOLEN by the provincial government for NO cause at all. That means everyone in Ontario is guilty of a crime and will be put in jail for NO cause at all.

    1. The intent was to have transportation infrastructure unimpeded. In other words, to stop future protests blocking highways, but the way the law was written, giving the government the ability to define what is critical infrastructure, the law can be applied to any protest. You can even stretch your imagination to include a group of people walking down a sidewalk, so yes, everyone is susceptible, for just about any activity. It comes down to the social credit score. If the government doesn’t like what you are doing, or saying, they can come after you.

      But this is nothing compared to what the government will be able to do if (I mean “when”) they implement digital ID coupled with CBDC.

      1. Why wait for You pen Season on Politicians, I say start your hit lis now Scumbags can’t hide forever… just saying

        1. To Just Saying…..do you know of the impending Bill C-36 allows the government to jail you for hate crime based on just what you said.
          Trudeau wants new sweeping powers to put Canadians behind bars for any good reason….and its real. Read up on it.
          The W.E.F. or coming Global Government want to kill all who oppose them, as they see themselves as the whole balance of morality of which they lack none.

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  7. Australian Senator issues warning in Parliament:

    ‘We Are Coming For You’: Senator Threatens Australia’s Corrupt Leaders Perpetrating Covid Vaccine Murders
    Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts warned his country’s corrupt leaders “running a protection racket for the pharmaceutical industry” that he “won’t let them get away with it.” The One Nation Senator is demanding a Royal Commission for the victims of the Covid “vaccine.” “All of you who have perpetrated this crime—I direct one question: how the hell do you expect to get away with it?”


    1. Yes. RAIR is a great site. I should bookmark them.
      Great speech, only problem was that the chamber is empty, so my worry is that the entire speech will be buried into the memory hole.

      1. The European story and speech will never be erased from my memory ever, it’s the best thing I ever heard not only the speech but how 90% weren’t coming to listen to hog wash

  8. We all have come to understand the Covid gene therapy agenda is a transhumanist genocide forced upon us through a bioweapon they intentionally created and released.
    Trudeau,Freeland and Singh have forced injections and are WEF lackeys.
    They are traitors to the people and institution of Canada and hopefully will be charged with treason and crimes against humanity.
    The twit talking politics is a side show. This event and agenda has nothing to do with Canadian politics and everything to do with our loss of freedoms as Canadians and more importantly,as human beings sovereign under God.
    Death to the WEF and NWO charlatans.

    1. You put it in simple understanding words and I agree with your remarks and for those that don’t then their the trolls or better yet part of the venin/venom of the the rattle snake or else they haven’t read from true patriots that the devil is trying to censer and some know who they are that have their eyes open and some will never open their eyes, they are being identified and disclosed and will some day be punished by the people

  9. Maybe we should forget the existing law like them and start arresting them under common law which will be our law and use their agenda you are guilty till you prove yourself innocent and that goes for people who put things here that they agree with their narrative, their as stupid and ridiculous as the clowns we have running this government, get rid of the infiltrators running the WEF CLOWNS

      1. Also agree. This guy is completely out to lunch. Our freedoms are being canceled and this PM is the most divisive turkey in history. People holding unacceptable views and do we tolerate them?
        Paying off the media to to spreaders of propaganda and lies. Silencing and threatening real science. No financial controls, added more to our national debt in the last 7 years than in history combined.
        We are living a horror movie with what is being planned now a majority gov nobody wanted has been created.

  10. Anyone who thinks the truckers should lose their homes is just plain blind. This is about more than vaccines. Instead of calling them down, we should thank them for their efforts. You with the nasty comments should be ashamed. Once you lose your freedom, you will change your tune but it will be too damn late. WAKE THE HELL UP……

  11. What in hell is going on? I thought we were living in Canada and had rights protecting us. How wrong I was to believe that we had freedom on our side. Is the Liberal government responsible for this? We are in so much danger right now. Most don’t see it. God help us. June Schiavoni

    1. Agree!

      Bills are being pushed thru so fast at this time. Horrendous bills that for me whoever thought of them are very, very disturbed people and I am saying that nicely. We need all the sheep to wake up. Quit watching the bloody MSM. I will be contacting as many people in parliament voicing my concerns. Our right to peaceful protest is being stripped away. We are no better than China…..what a despicable downfall Canada has taken.

  12. This is right out of Maoist China or Stalinist Soviet Union.
    There are laws in place to deal with illegal protests.
    When the Liberals shut down the borders and imprison Canadians in their homes under the guise of a pandemic the economy,freedom and Canada is destroyed.
    Canadians with any intelligence understand that the WEF have captured certain key cabinet member and that needs to be addressed ASAP as it is TREASON.

  13. What a stupid (or pretend??) Solicitor General?
    we are talking about individual freedom, freedom of expression, and she talks about trade. Of course, if there are strike or convoy, those will be distructed, hello, democracy (peaceful)… And of course, people won’t be able to sleep at night so that’s why our useless government needs to go and talk to people and find out what the hell is going on… What a country, it’s not Canada anymore, it’s “new order” and transhumanism….

    1. She’s trying to appease to the crybabies who want to continue masking everybody, and continue mandating the death jabs.
      PURE appeasement. After all, there is an election coming up in June.
      This is going to backfire big-time, because we know that conservative governments will NEVER appease the lunatic left, but what they’ve done with this legislation was continue to alienate the people that would vote for them later this spring.
      Health Minister Elliott has already said she would not run in this election. Many conservatives in the government are seeing the writing on the wall, and are bailing out. I don’t know what clown show is giving these phony cons advise, but they are showing just how much out of touch they are with their base.
      This government is going to get trounced in the election. They’ve pissed off too many people.
      And what we’re going to get as a result is more of the tyrannical crap we’ve been getting from the lefty-liberals. MORE lockdowns. MORE mask mandates. MORE social distancing. MORE indoor restrictions, and yes, MORE vaccine mandates… perhaps even stronger mandates like they tried to do in Austria, but fortunately, the people there got their government to backtrack.
      Have we already forgotten what 15 years of Lie-beral government has done to Ontario? Prepare yourselves. We’re going to get more of the same. Much more! Too bad we don’t have a real opposition… just phony cons who pose no opposition… just comply, comply, COMPLY!

  14. Who’s your daddy? Who voted for some of these clowns, who’ve decided to govern us? Clearly wisdom evades them and money moves them.

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