5 thoughts on ““Get Out, Nazis!” Pastor Released from Jail After 51 Days”

  1. There is a saying, in aviation, “Learn from the mistakes of others, because you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself !’ This has made aviation safer ! It is a shame, that so many Canadians are so stupid, that they cannot apply this very basic common sense lesson to political regimes , and see that what is happening now in our country, and many others, has happened before, and that we should learn from it, and resist it . rather than fear it !
    If we don’t resist it, we will not live long enough to change the result , but will leave a terrible legacy for our grandchildren.

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    1. The twit is likely an an arm of Dear Leader’s captured and bought off media.
      Nobody can be as ignorant of and/or as loyal to a dictatorial tool of the WEF as the TWIT.
      Now he is threatening to jail and deport Canadians that dare speak the truth-much like his Dear Leader.

      1. Ignorant? probably. But I seriously believe that the Twit is mentally unbalanced. He has shown clear signs of cognitive dissonance, and projection. His views are incredibly myopic. Either that, or he is deliberately trolling, and he should be treated as such.
        Normally, trolls should be ignored, but the Twit’s views must constantly be vigorously challenged. We cannot allow Canadians to continue to believe that Freedom-loving patriots are isolated, and that the Twit’s views comprise the majority of public opinion. Canadians are beginning to wake up to the tyranny that has enveloped this country. I’d say that they’ve been shocked to reality, and it’s about time.
        Unfortunately, there are some Canadians, like the twit, that prefer to stay asleep. We can’t help them. They’ll need to receive an even bigger shock before they start to wake up.

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