International Experts Speak Live in EU Parliament Wednesday. Livestreamed.

31 invited International experts will discuss the covid response in the EU Parliament Wed, May 3 @ 9am – 6pm Brussels time (3am – 12pm EST). Bright Light News will be there reporting.


To support the experts:

Glen Jung from Bright Light news is also flying over on his own dime to cover this historic event. Please support our work or etransfer Thanks!

3 thoughts on “International Experts Speak Live in EU Parliament Wednesday. Livestreamed.”

  1. Great work.
    Fake News divisions of the fascist regimes will eventually be forced to show more of their treachery because of the work that people like you do.

  2. Who selected these people to talk on behalf of the “freedom movement”? Malone appears to have hijacked the freedom movement despite the fact he spent his life promoting ‘vaccines’, ‘viruses’ and ‘pandemics’. He is trojan horse and is not on our side.

    Who is representing us in the resistance who understand that everything about ‘viruses’ is pseudo-science? What is the objectives of those speaking, what strategies do they offer to meet their objectives and what metrics do they offer that will allow us to assess/measure whether their objectives were met? There is so much we do not know and are expected to accept without question that my suspicions are already raised.

    Ian Bell

  3. These experts have done a great service to Humanity by speaking so strongly and persistently on the dangers and consequences of the mRNA injections.
    However, by continuing to defend the existence of Sars-CoV-2, or any viruses for that matter, they impossibilitate full understanding, disclosure and accountability.
    The “vaccination” campaign has nothing to do with a virus or any contagious disease.

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