If 1 in 10 Fully-Vaxxed Don’t Take Boosters, Will Unconstitutional Mandates Eventually Fall?

As politicians and public health officials become more brazen in their unsupported hate speech of the unvaccinated, more and more people are seeing through the invective rhetoric aimed at blaming and castigating those unwilling to be coerced into the experimental mRNA shots. As more people become sick with the reality of Omicron, a mild flu-like disease including chills, aches and fatigue for that vast majority, they are growing weary of the continual lockdowns and restrictions of freedoms in their lives as more and more come to the conclusion that no amount of compliance seems to be bringing back “normal.”


Many fully vaccinated, sick with Omicron, are starting to come through the haze of the last 21 months, realizing that not all was or is as promised with many jurisdictions around the world reporting that the fully “vaccinated” are making up the bulk of the current spikes around the world.

At govts globally continue to oppress both the unvaccinated and (unbeknownst to many) vaccinate, the world is witnessing the greatest uprising in human history, as protests–sometimes numbering in the 100s of thousands around Europe–continue in all corners of the world and citizens, doctors and scientists speak out against the unethical and unconstitutional regimes now lawlessly ruling with a singular vaccine agenda that defies logic and science.

Protest rally in Brussels, Belgium, today. Video.

If 1 in 10 fully vaccinated people in Canada–of which there are 29,524,726 people–fail to take the succession of boosters now slated for them, Canada’s 81% uptake of all eligible 5+ citizens will drop precipitously to about 50% by shot #6 (not including vaccinations slated for 0-4-year-olds.) At this point, what will the Canadian govt do?

Or, more realistically, what can they do at this point with a non-compliant populace?

Would this signal the end of the govt’s lawless overreach?

13 thoughts on “If 1 in 10 Fully-Vaxxed Don’t Take Boosters, Will Unconstitutional Mandates Eventually Fall?”

  1. Trudeau has done squat for the average person , except try to make them villains. All we want is to be left alone to work and live our lives. We are not scared of getting sick. Some people do die when they get sick. It’s called life. This Covid thing is no more of an emergency than the flu. I am scared to think what Trudeau and his flunkys would do if there was a real emergency, like a world war.

    Trudeau has simply become an embarrassment for any Canadian that thinks for himself with an open mind. Hitler at least had his own original thoughts, as disgusting as they were, but Trudeau isn’t able to think for himself, all he can do is try to copy the Chinese. I would think they are embarrassed by this thought themselves.

  2. To follow Mark’s point: The vaxxed are turning into zombies and-or becoming aggressive asshats. I have seen it in my family. It changes behavior.

    Trudeau is meeting with premiers of provinces this week. There is a rumor that he will invoke the Emergency Act and destroy the Charter, installing him as an almighty Castro Jr.

  3. I do believe it may take more deaths of the vaccinated population before this very indoctrinated wake up from their coma!! They do not seem to see the obvious signs of tyranny…praying that the sleeping masses wake up sooner rather than later!

  4. I don’t know how many failed so called vaccines and their endless boosters it will take to wake people up. I am finding that the vaccinated seem to be loosing their ability to reason and think though the situation in a logical fashion and I’m starting to think that this is one of the many consequences of of the vaccine and it was likely designed to do this. Why else would such a high percentage of our population not only agree to more than one dose but continue to harass those who are unvaccinated. I think the vaccine is unknowingly changing their brains.

  5. You’d think that the double-vaccinated would’ve woken up and smelled the coffee by now. What was it they said? “Just two shots and you’re golden”, or something like that?

    Yeah, well…”two weeks to flatten the curve” has somehow morphed into “two-plus years to flatten the economy”, the double/triple-vaccinated are being pushed to take a third/fourth dose, there are fully vaccinated Covid patients in the ICUs, and vaccinated people are almost as locked down as the vaccine free (curfews, anyone?)…so I’m thinking their promises mean less than nothing at this point.

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