I Would Not Plan Motherhood With A Vaccinated Man -Pathologist Arne Burkhardt

“If I were a woman in fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from…a man who has been vaccinated” -personal comment from Pathologist Arne Burkhardt, studying mRNA spike proteins being expressed in testes.

Clip from Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

5 thoughts on “I Would Not Plan Motherhood With A Vaccinated Man -Pathologist Arne Burkhardt”

  1. Mask up Purebloods.
    The gene altered are shedding their poison.
    Can’t you smell it?

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  3. Effects aren’t 100%! Not that many are sterile, yet! Time will tell! I prophesied, 3rd winter to be extremely harsh on boosted people. But not everyone, maybe 20%…
    Best wishes to all, especially jabbed ones! We suffered a lot of mistreatments for non compliance… It was not that bad, considering what horrors jabbed people will face!
    Mercy and Grace to all

  4. Well there you have it! Vax’d men are sterile! So if one spermatozoa made it out ‘alive’, what kind child would it make? Would the child be “normal” or damaged? As much as I am critical of my fellow human’s who bought or were FORCED into these vaxs, I cannot throw rocks….anyone of them at a young age, could have been ME.

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