Shocking New Zealand Govt Data: 6.9x More Fully Vaxxed + Boosted Died Than “Not Fully Vaccinated”

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Startling number of fully vaccinated + booster deaths vs not fully vaccinated from New Zealand govt first reported by ex-Big Pharm exec Aussie17, as 8.7x more fully vaccinated plus boosted Kiwis died than not fully vaccinated.

90+ = (103+804) / 113 = 8x*
80-89 = (160+1081) / 143 = 8.7x
70-79 = (119+565) / 100 = 6.8x
60-69 = (78+212) / 53 = 5.5x
0-59 = (104+148) / 81 = 3.1x

*It should be noted that these are absolute numbers of deaths. They are not corrected for the proportion of the population, that is, normalized to rate per 100,000 for unvaccinated, double vaccinated, boosted, etc. to make a more accurate comparison. However, to put the number of absolute deaths into context, 50 deaths from a vaccine was the upper limit to remove a vaccine from the market before the Covid “vaccines.” The NZ Ministry of Health is reporting 3,374 deaths in the fully vaccinated and boosted…and counting. (See chart below.)

The total number of deaths in the Ministry of Health data report (different from the NZ Stats data) showed that the fully vaccinated and boosted died at a rate of 6.9x more than the “not fully vaccinated.” Of the total 3,864 deaths reported, 3,374 were fully vaccinated or boosted.

New Zealand Ministry of Health

Significant and Intentional Under-Reporting Factor

There is, of course, a huge unspoken under-reporting factor (URF) here for total Covid “vaccine” deaths, as the NZ Ministry of Health notes that “All deaths where someone has died within 28 days of being reported as having a positive test result for COVID-19 are now reported.” In other words, fully vaccinated and boosted people who died more than 28 days after testing positive for Covid were not included in the data. Also excluded from these numbers are people who never tested for Covid or who had a negative result.

Another source of under-reporting can lie in the fact that people are defined as “fully vaccinated” only 14 days after having had dose 2. The “not fully vaccinated” include:
1) people up to 13 days after their second shot
2) people “vaccinated” with dose 1, and
3) the unvaccinated

Any people who died within the first 13 days of receiving their second shot and within 28 days of testing Covid-positive, therefore and by definition, would be not be classified as “fully vaccinated,” thereby inflating the “not fully vaccinated” numbers.

Most Covid “Vaccine” Deaths Occur in 72 Hours

A huge distortion on the safety of the mRNA shots occurs through this statistical sleight-of-hand of “fully vaccinated” as of day 14, as the US govt’s OpenVAERS data shows that the first 13 days of receiving the mRNA injections is the most dangerous, esp. the first 72 hours where 51.1% of reported vaccinees died. A staggering 84.3% of people died within the first 13 days of receiving the Covid shot, that is, 14,249 of 16,986 deaths.

OpenVAERS: 84.3% of 16,986 deaths occurred in the first 13 days of being “vaccinated” against Covid-19.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health’s data should be an eye-opening wake-up call to those still convinced that a rushed, experimental genetic therapy with no available long-term safety data (and which can never be accurately available due to the unblinding of the trial participants and immediate offer to vaccinate the placebo group) is “safe.”

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