Govt Vaccine Coercion

While govts stand at podiums touting policies supporting the welfare of “all” constituents, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are set to lose their jobs, including healthcare workers, educators, and aviation professionals, due to discriminatory and coercive vaccine mandates that violate constitutional, ethical and human rights.

The cruel lie that Canadians are being given a choice to vaccinate or not is shattered by the reality that many livelihoods are being destroyed with families struggling to put food on the table, pay mortgages and bills. Meanwhile, the mainstream media remains silent on this gross injustice, as they have unscientifically placed blame on the unvaccinated for driving the “pandemic” while simultaneously fueling hatred towards them.

Around the world, people have been dehumanized and reduced to a vaccine status, as per terminated ethics professor, Dr. Julie Ponesse. Even among friends, the reality of an unvaccinated person’s life-shattering demise is lost, imperceptible under the weight of the narrative that the unvaccinated are simply “irresponsible” and “selfish.”

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