13 thoughts on “Canadian Aviation Professionals Share Messages Against Threatened Job Loss & Vaccine Coercion”

  1. So proud of you all for standing up for FREEDOM, for believing in your choice, staying true to yourselves and choosing to trust in your own body…DON’T pay attention to the negative ones, they’ll learn the TRUTH, eventually…

  2. Get your shot like the rest of us!
    Us vacinated want our freedom as well and you are holding us up!
    Your rights to your freedom stop when they interfere with mine!
    Pay your own hospital bill when you get sick, the rest of us vaxxed do not want to oay for stupid idiots!

    1. That’s interesting. It’s not the unvaxxed that are holding your freedoms back, it’s government. It’s that simple!

  3. I am commercial driver trainer. I have to admit that students who are vaccinated, are not performing well. I notice ongoing problems with memory, they are unable to memorize simple things, like names of truck – engine components, or sequence of performing vehicle inspection.
    Same thing will happen to the flight crew if vaccinated. Just mentally impaired- not fit for duty.
    I call it criminal activity- sending impaired crew up in the air, exposing hundreds of people’s lives to grave danger.
    Looks like organized crime.

    1. Hello I am a retired nurse at spinchainthrough@protonmail.com. I am asking everyone who has had, interacted with. noted within themselves or others a decline in cognition, mobility, etc. from these ‘shots’. If you could put it into an affidavit it would be much appreciated. Be as specific as possible. If you want e-mail me and I can give you more specific instructions. Please we need as much evidence as possible.

    2. Lies, stop spreading them! I am a retired teacher and could say this to almost every kid I taught! Has nothing to do with getting a shot but more to do with everything else happening in their lives!
      Stop spreading lies.
      Workplace vaccine policy can lead to termination if you do not get a jab, remember you choose not to abide by the policy so you terminate yourself!

      1. Lmao ! Your ignorance and denial game is on point. You’re part of the problem and not the solution

  4. Good for him. The world powers are using economic pressure to make people follow mandates. Who knows what is really in those vaccines. I’m not falling for it again. No boosters and no more experimental shots they try to label as vaccines.

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