1 thought on “Getting Vaccine Exemptions Validate Unconstitutional Mandates”

  1. The principles are the same with masking, testing, and the shots. Rocco is correct in that regard. As of today, there are eager implementors of these liberty-crushing policies, regulations, rules. They do not hestitate to weigh the pros and cons; they rely on coercion and falsehoods all the way and so have no need for contemplation of how to justify the measures they’d impose against the cost to liberty; they have no interest in effectiveness of those measures in finding a balance that finds the least intrusive way to achieve their supposedly great concern about the health and well-being of their fellow citizens. Nope, they are all about control for the sake of control. The implentors say, do was we say; and that is because they are keen to do as they have been told. When challenged, these little dictators, and yes they are tyrants, take the challenge as an offence in itself. When their own contradictions, when the authorities they point to as their guiding lights contradict themselves, when the facts do not support the assertions that supposedly drive the implementation of these liberty-crushing measures, they cry foul and say either that there can be no debate, there can be no dispute, there can be no presumption in favor of liberty, they pretty much acknowledge that the entire scheme is set outside of the rule of law and definitely outside of the highest law in the land, the Constitution; they have no interest in defending what they have no capability of defending and so they fight on their own sacred ground — covidism is its own justification and true believers are not limited by pre-covid principles of how we treat one another, how we justify actions, how we govern ourselves.

    They have thrown all of that aside. Covidism is the new absolute.

    Of course, when covidism contradicts itself that is just another cause of self-perpetuating rage against the non-believers. You better act like you believe, even if you don’t, and if you draw suspicion upon yourself then there will be consequences.

    As the thuggish TRUDEAU JR is now on the record as having threatened Canadians.

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