Freedom Rally in Niagara Falls Tomorrow, Apr. 16

Canadian freedom fighters holding rally in Niagara Falls, Ontario, tomorrow (Apr. 16) with speeches and then a flag exchange at the Rainbow Bridge with American counterparts.

6 thoughts on “Freedom Rally in Niagara Falls Tomorrow, Apr. 16”

  1. I just want to salute those who are standing up for their rights by posting their comments. The others are often considered to be part of the problem by their silence.

  2. These days, our cops are useless, and dialing 911 is little more than an exercise in futility. (Unless you want to narc on an anti-vaxxer/masker, report a trucker honking his/her horn, or need an old lady trampled, of course.) Long story short: My wife and daughter were physically accosted by a homeless man, and 911 had zero interest in doing anything about it. After calling them useless and hanging up on them, the cops called back…and seemed even less interested in doing anything. Apparently, if the homeless guy had “kicked or punched them” that would be different, but purposely body checking them multiple times on an escalator, causing them to fall and have trouble regaining their footing, doesn’t count. My young daughter was in tears, and my wife was in shock. (If I’d been there, I probably would’ve knocked the guy into next week…but that would’ve been a crime, right?) Moral of the story? The cops can’t be bothered to serve and protect you (unless you’ve already been murdered and would like to report it), so you’re on your own. Get used to it, and deal with it.

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