Food Shortages Being Blamed on Unvaxxed Truck Drivers, Not Failing Vaccines & Mandates

The propaganda against the unvaccinated continues to ramp up, as looming food shortages–once a conspiracy theory–caused by failing vaccines and coercive vaccine mandates (affecting the labour force) are now being blamed on the unvaccinated.

The first paragraph of the cited article unabashedly reads, “Extreme weather and supply-chain snarls are among the reasons for shortages in grocery stores. Here’s another: Unvaccinated truck drivers.”


21 thoughts on “Food Shortages Being Blamed on Unvaxxed Truck Drivers, Not Failing Vaccines & Mandates”

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  2. Well apparently you don’t realize the hard work a truck does . Often actually driving 13 hours a day, on duty for 16 hours a day , 5 days a week. Long haul guys leave home early Monday, and hopefully get home by Saturday to spend a little time with their families. It’s especially hard on families with little kids. I ask you , Rog, could you do this?

    I admit I haven’t done much truck driving work, but I have driven heavy trucks for over 30 years, and I tell ya, in an average day you experience numerous close calls on the roads, some are heart attack worthy.

    I have worked mostly as a power lineman for over 30 years , keeping the country powered up. One of the more frustrating jobs is hauling poles to job sites. Some of them are really fun to access. When was the last time you backed a 50 foot trailer a couple miles down a road lined with cars on both sides with maybe an inch or two to spare on each side.

    These truckers deserve all the support they can get.

    Hey Rog, why don’t you come out and challenge them in person? Are you too afraid and going to rely on the police to help you? Good luck.

  3. @Rog Whit
    Pulling their Lic. will only compound the Issue.
    Lets say the Government does this.
    They still will not get the Jab, and will move on to other Jobs that will not force this upon them, and when the Government removes these Restrictions, most, if not all of those Drivers will never come back.
    If you are not happy with living on your fixed Income, maybe you should go get your Class 1, and start Trucking.
    If you think things are Bad now with your Fixed Income losing it’s Value, what are you gonna do when your Fiat Currency loses all of it’s Value?
    Who are you gonna blame then?
    Truth be told, if you Vaxxers had just said no Six Months ago, we wouldn’t have been in this Mess, but instead, you bought the Lie.
    “Just go get the Vaccine and all will go back to Normal.”
    How are you liking your New Normal?

    1. John, I think you’re being completely unfair to the shelves. They have been supporting the bins throught this whole pandemic.

  4. The only question here is determining which of the near term goals Trudeau wants to achieve first by his sudden demand that truckers have to be jabbed: doubling down on the failed narrative that vaccines protect people’s health, or creating the “dark winter” scenario of shortages and deprivation that will keep the befuddled citizenry crawling to government to be “saved”….

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