3 thoughts on “First Responders Protesting Vaccine Coercion & Masks, Toronto Nov. 6-7”

  1. Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Congregate, Informed Consent, these are just a few of the precious things that are being taken away when you get the jab. Say “No, I do not consent!” Stand Up and Speak Out! NOW!
    I believe what we have been subjected to since March 2019 is Tyranny, it started small, it always does, we were being asked to do the right thing…..we willing complied, give up a few more freedoms they asked, for the the greater good…….and we willing complied, now we are being told that we no longer have a voice, or a choice.
    The government and Health Departments are turning us against one another, jabbed vs non-jabbed, family, friends, neighbours. The individuals that we placed in office to work for us and protect our interests are now working against us. They are all complicit in the tyranny, coercion, lies.

  2. I say they should suck it up and take the jab…they wanna be fn nazi’s and arrested people, ticket for nothing and follow Hitlers orders, they get what they deserve.

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