5 thoughts on “Facing Job Loss Under Vaccine Coercion, Ontario Educators Create Moving Messages”

  1. Guess what souless suit maggotts, If you keep pushing around the high senority Custodians then were going to walk and you already dont have back up cleaners.The health unit will be in and shut your buildings down in a few days.WE WILL PUSH YOU BACK

  2. We all have choices! Probably one of the most valuable lessons in live! With every choice there is a consequence! We do not always like the consequence but that itself is a lesson, children need to learn to choose carefully as many of our consequence follow us through life!

  3. We all must stand our ground! Bodily Autonomy is our most protected right. If we lose this we lose everything. Nothing else will matter. This is much bigger and much more important than our jobs and careers. This is who we are.

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