Expert Panel Discusses DNA Contamination in Covid Shots -TODAY 2pm EST


It has come to our attention that bacterial DNA has been found in some mRNA vaccine vials. We recognize the importance of understanding the potential implications of this discovery. In light of these concerns, the World Council for Health has organized an Urgent Expert Hearing on the 9th of October at 6pm UTC regarding this critical topic.

Featuring: Kevin McKernan, Dr Janci Lindsay, Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, Assoc Prof Byram Bridle, Dr Peter McCullough, Prof Brigitte König, Dr Jessica Rose and Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude

Foreign DNA instructing mRNA production: There are claims that this foreign DNA could instruct our bodies to produce mRNA and foreign proteins. We aim to explore the validity of these claims and assess their impact on vaccine safety and efficacy.

SV40 genetic sequence in COVID-19 vaccines: Reports suggest the presence of a cancer-promoting genetic sequence called SV40 in the Covid-19 vaccines. We seek to gather expert insights and evaluate the significance of these findings.

Global confirmation and regulatory response: It has been alleged that these discoveries have been confirmed in a dozen laboratories worldwide. We will examine the scientific evidence supporting these claims and discuss the actions taken by medical regulators in response.

Press release:

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