[INTERVIEW] Fear, Division & A Solution: A Vaccine That Could Alter DNA -Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, Geneticist


Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude, Geneticist and Director of Research at the French NIH (21 years), has serious concerns about the effects of the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines” and the way in which they were rolled out.

Through three planned waltzes, an unsuspecting public trustingly rolled up its sleeves starting December 2020. First waltz: fear. Second: division. And the final being a solution to the fear: an unproven, harmful and, in many cases, deadly experimental injection.

On top of the overwhelming global data to support the mRNA shot harms, Dr. Henrion Caude warns of the potential for the messenger RNA to alter human DNA, both within the vaccinee and their offspring.

Dr. Henrion Caude shared her expertise and the relevant scientific data with us in Orlando, FL, January 7, 2023.

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Slide –Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude

Slide –Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude

Spike protein and mRNA in nucleus (study pdf below)

1 thought on “[INTERVIEW] Fear, Division & A Solution: A Vaccine That Could Alter DNA -Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, Geneticist”

  1. getting late in the game

    So,they have transformed humans into AI creatures under the guise of a global pandemic. Our politicians that were forcing and mandating these poison death shots ,along with the health authorities Federal and Provincial,should be made to stand and answer to charges of crimes against humanity.

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