[INTERVIEW] Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest Likely Vaccine-Induced- Dr. Peter McCullough

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, breaks down the collapse of Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin January 3, 2023.

Using the latest data, the world’s most cited cardiologist, Dr. McCullough, maintains that a vaccine-induced cardiac arrest is the most probable diagnosis.

Many experts have stated that Hamlin’s cardiac arrest was due to commotio cordis, a rare disruption of heart rhythm caused by a sudden blunt impact to the chest area over the heart causing sudden death. This assertion, however, seems highly unlikely, as Hamlin did not collapse immediately upon impact. Video footage clearly shows Hamlin getting up after the hit, clapping his hands and then collapsing.


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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announcement of the $13 billion in Covid-19 “vaccine” funding has been scrubbed and is accessible via the WayBack Machine.
FDA News Release -Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: June 25, 2021
Le Pessec -Significant Incidence of Myocarditis After 3rd Dose of Covid mRNA Vaccine
CDC V-SAFE Data obtained by ICAN
UK Govt Guidance on treating myo-/pericarditis post Covid-19 vaccination


Glen Jung: [00:00:00] Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here in Orlando at a health summit with Dr. Peter McCullough. Thank you so much for joining us. And you are here to discuss something that is in the face of everybody right now. You cannot avoid this tidal wave of vaccine injuries that we’re seeing, vaccine injuries. So, what do you have to talk about today, [00:00:15] sir?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:00:15] It’s in public view and certainly it was on Monday Night Football when the Buffalo Bills were playing the Cincinnati Bengals, one of the biggest games of the year. And Buffalo Bill player Damar Hamlin has on-the-field witnessed cardiac [00:00:30] arrest. And this is in the context, in early in 2021, the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services initiated a flow of money, substantial flow of money. $13 billion of [00:00:45] American taxpayer dollars went to private institutions to push push the COVID-19 vaccines, including the NFL. And against the players wishes, in the summer of 2021, the NFL imposed a vaccine mandate. And what we know is that [00:01:00] the players reluctantly took the vaccines. Ultimately, about 95% of them took the vaccines. And in June of 2021, during this period of time, the FDA announced that the messenger RNA vaccines cause myocarditis [00:01:15] or heart damage. So, the federal government pushes money to the NFL to push the vaccines. The FDA says the vaccines cause heart damage, which is the last thing a football player can sustain. And then the NFL mandates this. Now, [00:01:30] I can tell you as a cardiologist, before COVID, when a patient gets myocarditis, we cannot let them play in sports. It’s a contraindication. So, that’s the tension here. And we know now, through a whole series of studies, that the heart [00:01:45] damage in some people can be fatal. And it’s typically fatal during the big surge of adrenaline. And that happens in 2 points of time in a day. One is between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. in the morning. During normal wakening, there’s a surge of adrenaline [00:02:00] and then also during sports. So, here we go. We have our first NFL player makes a big tackle. It’s the start of the game, and he has a cardiac arrest. Now he gets very good on-the- resuscitation.

Medical Personnel: [00:02:14] Go over to the cot. I don’t [00:02:15] like how he went down. We’re going to need everybody. All call. All call. We need everybody. Come bring everybody. Need inaudible, everybody. Bring the cot with the medics.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:02:26] I was on national TV within 24 hours. I told America he’s going [00:02:30] to pull through, which he did, and he got very good supportive care at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. But what I told Americans is that pro football players are screened out for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, long QT interval, Brugada syndrome, [00:02:45] obvious electrocardiographic abnormalities. So they are ready to play. And we haven’t had an on-the-field cardiac arrest in pro football now in decades, in decades. The safety record is terrific. The shock [00:03:00] that I received was the wave of criticism when I raised the possibility, which I think is top on the differential diagnosis of vaccine-induced myocarditis, a myocardial scar. And [00:03:15] that being the nidus for his cardiac arrest.

Glen Jung: [00:03:24] And one of the scariest things that you’ve talked about is it’s generally this subclinical, no symptom, [00:03:30] myocarditis. And one of the first symptoms can be an actual cardiac arrest.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:03:33] Which is exactly what happened here. We know from two studies–one by Mansanguan from Bangkok, Thailand, and one from Le Pessec in Basel, Switzerland–that [00:03:45] about 2.5% of people taking the messenger RNA vaccines are sustaining heart damage. A smaller fraction of them ultimately have a scar. And then under the unique conditions now, one paper by Ittiwut and colleagues have [00:04:00] found that maybe it’s a genetic mutation. On top of, you know, as a baseline condition, an additional factor that triggers the cardiac arrest, in this case, the SCNA5 sodium channel mutation, which is well [00:04:15] understood to precipitate cardiac arrest. But 2.5% of people sustain heart damage. More than 50% don’t feel it. So, it’s possible he could have taken a vaccine, didn’t feel any heart damage, and then this first manifestation being cardiac arrest. People [00:04:30] have asked me, Dr. McCullough, “So many players took the vaccine, what should be done?” During 2020, before the vaccines, the NCAA Big Ten League had a myocarditis screening program and they screened thousands of athletes [00:04:45] for myocarditis when they had COVID. About 30% of the athletes had COVID. They didn’t find much. This was published by Daniels and colleagues in JAMA. And what I’ve said is they should redeploy the Big Ten myocarditis screening program because COVID respiratory illness is [00:05:00] not generating really any fatal cases of myocardium that I’m aware of. But the vaccine is. And so we now have a paper by Schwab and colleagues from Heidelberg, Germany, of patients who took the vaccine and were found dead at home. [00:05:15] It can’t be any more clear than this. They underwent an autopsy. 71% of them had a clear cut vaccine induced internal organ problem, including myocarditis. That was a cause of death.

Glen Jung: [00:05:27] And including that we have from last year, Dr. [00:05:30] Arne Burckhardt, showing the immunohistochemistry of so many myocarditis patients. Out of 15 people, they had clear evidence of lymphocytic infiltration in organs that are not normally seen to happen and multiple at the same time, never seen before in pathology textbooks. [00:05:45] What is the challenge in 2023 then to get this information out so people can become aware, so that doctors can be aware to continue their oath?

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:05:54] It’s appearing in our best journals. Just this week we’ve had a paper from Yasuhara from [00:06:00] National Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Over 800 children with myocarditis in the peer-reviewed literature, vast majority hospitalized, vast majority sustaining heart damage by cardiac MRI. And [00:06:15] then a paper by Yonker and colleagues from Harvard School of Medicine. They have 16 teenagers hospitalized with myocarditis. And this was published in Circulation, our best cardiology journal. And what they found is that those who were sustained heart damage, they [00:06:30] had high levels of free spike protein produced by the vaccines in the bloodstream. Those who didn’t have myocarditis, and took the vaccine, didn’t. And, of interest, those who had their free-floating spike protein, it was not being [00:06:45] neutralized by the antibodies that the vaccine was supposed to generate. So, one of the new insights is that maybe some who take the vaccine, they produce the spike protein, the antibodies are misdirected and they actually don’t neutralize it. And the spike protein is allowed to cause damage in the body. [00:07:00] That would explain why there’s multi-organ injury syndromes. One of them has been described by Morz, as a singular author from Germany, in a 76-year-old senior home patient who takes shot [00:07:15] one and shot two starts to have worsened Parkinson’s disease and neurocognitive function and then shot three becomes fatal. An autopsy is done and there are simultaneous myocarditis and encephalitis in the same patient.

Glen Jung: [00:07:28] Absolutely incredible. What [00:07:30] do you see is the biggest stumbling block in terms of getting this information out to those who are, you know, just incredulous? They don’t believe what’s happening.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:07:38] The big the biggest stumbling block is the government ordered censorship in the media. We now know from the Twitter files [00:07:45] that the Twitter censorship staff were being directed by the US CDC and FBI. And we don’t know to this day if the FBI agents are out of Twitter offices or are they still there. This is the most disturbing thing. This is [00:08:00] a US government operation. If the FBI is giving direction to Twitter on who to censor, it’s almost certainly happening in Facebook and YouTube and Instagram. So, people sources of information are biased. We know the Google search search [00:08:15] engine is corrupted. We know Wikipedia, for instance, is publishing false biographies on individuals. So, this wave of corruption is very difficult for the average citizen to to wade through. [00:08:30] The only thing I can tell you by proxy is the message has gotten through a couple of sources of data here. One is the Rasmussen survey has done over the holidays in the end of 2022. Shockingly, 28% of Americans know somebody [00:08:45] who died of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is an extraordinary revelation. It’s perfectly consistent with the Michigan State University survey done by Dr. Mark Skidmore, who found that 22% of Americans knew somebody who was seriously injured or [00:09:00] damaged by the vaccines. Zogby, another survey company, found 15% of people who took the vaccines admitted that they had new medical problems. Then lastly, the CDC V-SAFE data, which I think is a massive sample, representative data. People [00:09:15] took the vaccine. They were told to tell the CDC about their complications. 10 million people. This is a bombshell. 7 to 8% of people who take the vaccine are so sick they have to go to the hospital or the emergency room to seek emergency care. Another [00:09:30] 25% are incapacitated the next day or the day after. So, if we put together these four sources of survey information, despite the FBI and the CDC and the government trying to shape a false narrative, Americans are not being fooled.

Glen Jung: [00:09:44] And I [00:09:45] think this tidal wave of injuries for those doctors who are still pushing the vaccines, they cannot avoid it. We’re seeing increased beds being put into ICUs, into new pediatric cardiac centers. In Canada, we have the Canadian Medical Association. We did an interview [00:10:00] with Dr. William Makis, who exposed close to now 100 Canadian doctor deaths that are temporally related to the vaccine, whether sudden death or aggressive cancers just coming out of dormancy. And the Canadian Medical Association changed their In Memoriam page just in November, a month after our interview. [00:10:15] And they removed all preceding years for the obituary deaths. And they’re now going to move it over towards the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Why are they doing that? Obviously, it’s to stop the comparisons, but they’re also moving it to the Journal so that you can’t go back onto the Wayback Machine. And now we’re learning that [00:10:30] the Wayback Machine may even be compromised.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:10:32] It’s so true. The information, though, at this point in time is pouring out and we have so many admissions of it. One is the MHRA, the regulatory agency in the UK, has [00:10:45] published guidance, an official guidance document on how doctors should evaluate COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis. So, that’s a proxy that there are so many cases that the British government [00:11:00] has to basically issue a guidance document over this. This is a stunning revelation. So, it keeps going. We have now over 1,250 papers in the peer-reviewed literature on vaccine injuries, [00:11:15] disabilities and deaths, and it’ll continue to grow. And the peer-reviewed literature can’t be stopped. It’s in the National Library of Medicine. Even despite a wave of corrupted journals trying to retract these papers, the information is still getting out.

Glen Jung: [00:11:28] I think you are leading the charge [00:11:30] with so many others in telling the truth. Repeat it often enough, until it becomes a truth again. So, thank you so much for everything that you’re doing.

Dr. Peter McCullough: [00:11:36] Thanks for having me.

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