Emergencies Act Inquiry Live Now (WATCH HERE)

The Public Order Emergencies Commission hearings take place starting today, lasting for 6 weeks, to probe the Trudeau govt’s brazen overreach of power in invoking the Emergencies Act on Feb. 14, 2022.

A list of 65 Freedom Convoy “leaders,” politicians, law enforcement and intelligence agency officials (below) was released Tuesday to testify before the inquiry.

Feb. 6 is the deadline for the inquiry to submit its final report, which is to include findings and recommendations.

OFFICIAL LIVESTREAM LINK Public Order Emergency Commission

Recorded copy below:

65 anticipated witnesses:

  • Zexi Li
  • Victoria De La Ronde
  • Nathalie Carrier
  • Kevin McHale
  • Catherine McKenny (City of Ottawa)
  • Mathieu Fleury (City of Ottawa)
  • Steve Kanellakos (City of Ottawa)
  • Serge Arpin (City of Ottawa)
  • Jim Watson (City of Ottawa)
  • Diane Deans (City of Ottawa)
  • Patricia Ferguson (Ottawa Police Service)
  • Craig Abrams (Ontario Provincial Police – OPP)
  • Carson Pardy (OPP)
  • Pat Morris (OPP)
  • Steve Bell (Ottawa Police Service)
  • Russell Lucas (Ottawa Police Service)
  • Marcel Beaudin (OPP)
  • Robert Drummond (Ottawa Police Service)
  • Robert Bernier (Ottawa Police Service)
  • Thomas Carrique (OPP)
  • Peter Sloly
  • Brigitte Belton
  • James Bauder
  • Steeve Charland
  • Patrick King
  • Benjamin Dichter
  • Tom Marazzo
  • Chris Barber
  • Tamara Lich
  • Drew Dilkens (City of Windsor)
  • Dana Earley (Ontario Provincial Police)
  • Jason Crowley (Windsor Police Service)
  • Jim Willett (Village of Coutts)
  • Marco Van Huigenbos
  • Marlin Degrand (Alberta)
  • Mario Di Tommaso (Ontario)
  • Ian Freeman (Ontario)
  • Rob Stewart (Public Safety Canada)
  • Dominic Rochon (Public Safety Canada)
  • David Vigneault (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
  • Michelle Tessier (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
  • Marie-HΓ¨lene Chayer (Integrated Threat Assessment Centre)
  • Deputy Commissioner Michael Duheme (RCMP)
  • Commissioner Brenda Lucki (RCMP)
  • Deputy Commissioner Curtis Zablocki (RCMP)
  • John Ossowski (former, Canadian Border Services Agency)
  • Michael Keenan (Transport Canada)
  • Christian Dea (Transport Canada)
  • Michael Sabia (Department of Finance)
  • Rhys Mendes (Department of Finance)
  • Isabelle Jacques (Department of Finance)
  • Cindy Termorhuizen (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Joe Comartin (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Jody Thomas (Privy Council Office)
  • Jacquie Bogden (Privy Council Office)
  • Janice Charette (Privy Council Office)
  • Nathalie Drouin (Privy Council Office)
  • Minister Anita Anand (National Defence)
  • Minister Marco Mendicino (Public Safety)
  • Minister Bill Blair (Emergency Preparedness and President of the King’s Privy Council)
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  • Minister Omar Alghabra (Transport Canada)
  • Minister David Lametti (Justice)
  • Minister Dominic LeBlanc (Intergovernmental Affairs)
  • Minister Chrystia Freeland (Deputy Prime Minister and Finance)

4 thoughts on “Emergencies Act Inquiry Live Now (WATCH HERE)”

  1. There will be no punishment! Just like ALL the other things Trudeau has been guilty of. Maybe a fine and a slap on the wrist…. if you are lucky! This won’t really get anything accomplished. Yes, the government screwed up, AGAIN…. the end! This will not change anything… I have ZERO faith in the Justice system of Canada, and the government to tell the REAL truth!

    1. So long as more and more people wake up and walk away from Justin Trudeau. Leave him behind. Leave him all alone. He won’t like being alone.

  2. Some countries have no process at all. We need to join together, Trudeau has created enough division we need to show unity and a common goal for freedom. If you live in the fear and negative mindset rhetoric you make poor choices and you allow yourself to be easily controlled.

  3. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Real EYES will see REAL LIES. I was there I saw what happened and our Pm did NOTHING to listen to the people. Shame on him & his child like actions.

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