Emergencies Act Inquiry Begins – A Preview

The public inquiry into the greatest overreach of Canadian govt powers is now under way, as the Public Order Emergencies Commission hearings will hear 65 witnesses (see list below) to determine whether the Trudeau govt was justified in invoking the never-used Emergencies Measures Act Feb. 14 against the peaceful Freedom Convoy.

Will the inquiry be just another formality with no accountability given to govt and law enforcement officials or will a semblance of freedom, democracy and justice be served?

Public hearings will begin on Thursday, October 13 and run until Friday, November 25. The hearings will take place every weekday except on Remembrance Day, Friday Nov 11. The hearings will begin at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day and may run until 6 p.m. or later if required.



6 thoughts on “Emergencies Act Inquiry Begins – A Preview”

  1. The inquiry is just a motion that the corrupt government has to follow through with. Like the illegal mandates and forced poison on billions of people there will be no more truth spoken than the last two years. I won’t give those liars another minute of my life. I know the truth.

  2. Judging by the list of witnesses to be heard, the answer to your question (“Will the inquiry be…?”) seems obvious. Conspicuous for their absence are:
    1. Daniel Bulford
    2. Randy Hillier
    3. Anyone from the JCCF
    4. Dr. Trozzi
    5. Donald Plett
    6. Any premier of a Canadian province, all of whom were required to give consent before the invocation of the Act
    SK opposes emergency:
    AB opposes emergency:
    MB opposes emergency:
    QC opposes emergency:
    NS opposes emergency:
    PEI opposes emergency:
    7. Pierre Poillevre
    8. Any heads of the banks that froze people’s bank accounts.
    9. Veterans present
    10. Dr. Bridle, Dr. Alexander or Dr. Hodkinson

    If these people are excluded, the inquiry can only be biased, by definition.

  3. Justin Trudeau is a total traitor and a National Disgrace.
    All of these evil despicable psychopaths in the Liberal Party of Canada and his NDP puppets will all pay one day for all their Crimes that they have wilfully and knowingly committed against Canada and all Canadians.

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