6 thoughts on “Dr. Zel Zelenko Passes Away”

  1. I really enjoyed when he gave testimony to /red pilled the Jerusalem Rabbinical Council.
    He consistently stood up and told everyone what this is in plain language-an intentional genocide.
    Now,that’s a man.
    Rest in peace,Dr. Zelenko.

  2. Dr. Zelenko saved millions of lives with his C19 early treatment protocol. His legacy will live on and his name and story will be remembered in the history books. Great man, legendary doctor. God bless his wonderful soul.

  3. bruce rosenberg

    His legacy, the Zelenko Foundation will help build a better world in the aftermath of the collapse of the globalist monsters.
    He set out very clearly the avowed objectives of the monsters:
    1. Depopulation;
    2. Surveillance and Control; and
    3. Trans-humanism
    Remember to disseminate this easy to remember mantra to all the ignorant, to help them clearly understand WTF is going on

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