Dr Pierre Kory’s Opening Address at the Brazil World Congress

[Jun 30] On Day 1 of the 2nd World Congress in Foz du Iguazu in Brazil, Dr. Pierre Kory gave an opening address to the appreciative international crowd.

6 thoughts on “Dr Pierre Kory’s Opening Address at the Brazil World Congress”

  1. How can the economic forum be gleefully boasting to us, shoving it in our faces, that their ” Goal” Is to lower the population of our World by 50% by the year 2023.i saw through this Trojan horse covid lie from the beginning. Especially when I was brought up listening and watching the late Biochemist and Nobel Prize of the PCR test karry Mullis. I remember Dr, fauci from the early 1980s and the secret war between Karry Mullis and Dr, fauci. Our prime minister Boris Johnson is a globalists puppet like the rest of our world’s World leaders Justin Trudeau of Canada for instance. They’re dark energy ebbs from them separating them from us as the enemy of humanity. Whipping up smoke screen proxy wars to create Mayhem to fellow women children and men of this world. Earth’s heaven in the making. But first we must rid our planet of these devious devil’s, ghouls snd fools hell bent on bringing humanity to its kneess. 🙏 Love ❤to us all who hear the 🌌universal frequency of telepathy and God’s call.

  2. We are so thankful for Dr. Kory, the FLCCC, The Canadian Covid Care Alliance, and the scientists and the doctors in the world who are working tirelessly for the truth; who see through the “woke” agenda of corruption, and who continue to fight for our lives. I am most grateful. We must never give up speaking for truth and for humanity. Diana, BC Canada

    1. I just got hit with a $5000 fine for not having a covid test that Health Canada did not approve of when I was at Montreal airport last night. I got an infraction for a test that i did at a Mexican laboratory and it was 100% legit. My covid test was negative but when i was sent to get a PCR and my result was that I had covid. I HAVE ZERO SYMPTOMS. Ive been swimming 5 days a week
      and doing 50 laps. I have NOT been sick and felt in great shape!

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