We Are the Change That Must Happen to Protect the Innocent and Vulnerable -Dr Jennifer Hibberd

[Iguazu Falls, Brazil] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd, co-founder of the World Council for Health and Canadian Covid Care Alliance, delivered a powerful opening address for the 2nd World Covid-19 Congress. This congress featured over 100+ international doctors, scientists and lawyers speaking on the global Covid-19 response treatments and ways forward over 4 days. This is the largest Covid-19 conference to date, sharing knowledge on the current Covid-19 situation. Dr. Hibberd’s address included a synopsis of the last few years’ road to diminishing freedoms around the world, while offering a challenge and hope for a better way forward.

The conference was organized by the World Council for Health and Medicos Pela Vida, the world’s largest doctors group of 18,000+ doctors treating Covid-19 patients.

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