Del Bigtree Interview #betterwayconference

From writing “Vaxxed” to frontier lawsuits seeking exposure of vaccine harms and justice for injured families to most recently being the Master of Ceremonies of the landmark Better Way Conference in Bath, England May 20-22, Del Bigtree has been a force and a maverick in exposing the Big Pharma vaccine industry, one in which no placebo control group has ever been used to approve a childhood vaccine.

Bigtree joined us here to give us his gleanings from the #betterwayconference, his jump to 6 million views per week since Covid on The Highwire and the importance of following your muse.

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A big thank you to the fantastic Oracle Films for aiding in the shooting of this interview.

2 thoughts on “Del Bigtree Interview #betterwayconference”

  1. I bought a membership today so I can vote for Pierre Poilievre as CPC leader. If the Cons want my vote in the next federal election, he’s the only one that can get it for them. Anyone else and I’ll pass. (I mean, Charest, Trudeau, or Singh? Don’t make me laugh!) And, while I believe that Maxime Bernier is a good man, the PPC in general leaves much to be desired. So, for me at least, it’s Poilievre or nobody. (That said, I might consider Leslyn Lewis at some point in the future.) Your thoughts, people?

    1. I think Roman Babar is honest and genuine and on the right page. I’m not sure how powerful he is to fight this tyranny. He’s come to the rally’s.

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