Critical Care Nurse Loses Job & Vows to Fight for Freedom

@rachel_runions (Instagram) was a dedicated critical care nurse of nearly 15 years who refused the jab and has now vowed to fight for the freedoms of all Canadians. The emotional video details Runions’ termination, her dedicated sacrifice and service to patients and her promise to fight governmental oppression and the right to free choice.

8 thoughts on “Critical Care Nurse Loses Job & Vows to Fight for Freedom”

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  2. Patrycea Robertson

    So proud that you have the strength and integrity to stand up for what you believe in.
    I know it’s difficult I’m also from the healthcare field!!
    So easy to cave with all the pressure

    Then I remember I am in control of my body and only answer to God the man above and not the government

  3. Thank you for your courage.
    The truth always prevails thanks to brave souls like you.
    We will get through this and we will create a better world!

  4. It takes a lot of strong will and courage to do what you have done and I admire you for standing up for your principals given the punishment you have received for doing so. As you already know, your health is the most important thing in your life so in the long term you will come out ahead. You should file a Notice of Liability to your employer so you have a chance of recovering your lost wages and more. See Action4Canada if you are not aware of this. best of luck to you.

  5. Were with you Rachel and Brightlightnews KEEP UP THE FIGHT AS MANY ARE and we will identify the sick on the other end and eliminate their sick hate DEVIL THAT THEY ARE. Eventually more will be educated and see the evil people, silenced for now and watch to identify and then will pay the price when the time is right

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