A Federal MP Finally Speaks Out Against Coercive Vaccine Mandates

(Dec. 16, 2021) Saskatchewan MP Jeremy Patzer becomes the 1st federal politician to speak up against the Trudeau govt’s devastating and coercive vaccine mandates. Since the vaccine rollout mid-Dec. 2020, all federal MPs have stood around silently on the rushed and unproven vaccines, while millions of Canadians suffered.

Until Patzer, not a single MP advocated for every citizen’s constitutional right to freedom of medical choice and bodily autonomy or raised constituents concerns with the coercive nature of the experimental vaccines, riddled with examples of failure and severe adverse effects.

All have gone along with the politically safe and discriminatory vaccine mandates, as millions of Canadians were coerced into taking the dangling carrot mRNA jabs in return for a temporary slice of stolen freedom. As MPs comfortably continued collecting their paycheques, Canadians had their lives torn asunder as livelihoods, reputations and relationships were intentionally destroyed.

As holiday-season travel bans now loom for the fully vaccinated with more restrictions and school closures also on the horizon, one has to wonder if Patzer finally saw a light and found it in his heart to represent all of his constituents. Or, is he merely capitalizing on the growing tide of frustration and resentment clearly being poured out over social media by even the fully vaccinated now in response to Trudeau’s latest coercive booster tactic to stop non-essential travel with holiday plans already made.

Whatever the reason, Patzer’s voice will thankfully resonate with a growing number of Canadians ready to return to normal, tired of nonsensical mandates and measures that have never stopped this seasonally endemic virus and the never-ending prospect of booster shots. Will other MPs finally have the courage to join Patzer and fulfill their sworn duty to stand up for their constituents or will they play it safe politically as Canadians on all sides of the vaccine equation continue to suffer at the hands of a vaccine-obsessed prime minister?


30 thoughts on “A Federal MP Finally Speaks Out Against Coercive Vaccine Mandates”

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  3. He offers no other solution to the pandemic and the break down of our hospital system. The vaccine is not experimental and helps to keep people out of the hospital. Is he an ICU doctor? No
    We should listen to our infectious disease specialists and not a politician trying to gain noriety.

    1. You are totally wrong and misinformed. These are all experimental vaccines and were given special emergency consideration. The mandates literally destroys our charter of rights and freedoms and breaks the federal law of bodily autonomy. Internationally mandates violate the Nuremberg Code which was established after the Nazi trials at Nuremberg held because of the forced treatment by Medical Doctors on the Jews.

    2. The Hospital system is in shambles because the doctors and nurses have left their positions because of the mandates. Also, thousands of virologists, doctors and nurses are claiming medical malpractice by government officials for these mandates… These mandates were put in place by politicians! We need to listen to the doctors … not politicians with an agenda ( their agenda isn’t in the peoples best interest) These injections are an experiment until 2023 and the pharmaceutical companies are exempt from any liability for the injured. Please look up Dr. Malone, he’s the inventor for the MRNA technology. Listen to some of his videos and you will start to see what’s really going on here. Peace to you

    3. You are a big part of the problem who do not do their research. If you leave it in the hands of disease specialists who drive this false covid narrative, these are the specialists who have been handsomely paid to keep their mouth shut. This is a politici5who sees what is really going on. You need to wake up and look at both sides of the story

    4. @Veb, putting people out of work is a solution to end the pandemic? Sounds like it’s a heavy handed political move by the Liberal Government, it’s not about safety at all.

  4. william butler yeats

    Definitely something is up. The Tool keeps a tight rein on any dissenters and any mention of a narrative contrary to The Cult Of The Virus was always offside–until now. There was applause and the 2 MPs sitting next to him stood and shook his hand after he sat down–it clearly surprised him. He knew and so did others that this is either a new tack from the his treacherous leader or the mutiny is on. Tool
    This virus narrative is about to crack and for whatever reason, new lines appear to be have been drawn in the battle against PM Pedo and the wokee hordes

  5. Okay all you anti vax people stay in southern Sask. The rest of Canada is fighting a pandemic and unhealthy people needing surgery and hospital beds are denied medical help because “unvaccinated” people are being hospitalized. If you don’t want a vaccine fine, your choice, but please stay home and don’t show up in emergency units taking up valuable time from our front line workers.. Do you think its still a hoax when people die from Covid.?? you cant make this up, people are dying from COVID

    1. Actually, you can make it up, and you just did. Lots of people are dying with COVID, but only a small fraction of those are dying from COVID. We have a pandemic alright, but it’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. What we have is a pandemic of the untreated. The proper outpatient treatment will prevent the infected, whether they be vaccinated or unvaccinated, from showing up at a hospital. SARS is a highly treatable infection, but the lack of early home treatment ensures that a percentage of the untreated will end up in hospital. As to the lack of hospital beds, that has been a scandal in every province in Canada for years.

      1. Canada could learn something about early treatment from Florida. Not only do they have a list of ways to improve your immune system on their health website (increase Vitamin D, zinc, quercetin), they also allow doctors to prescribe drugs to treat covid-19 early and at home. They have free monoclonal antibody clinics set up where anyone who tests positive can go and get immediate treatment. They’ve also added a new option, Astrazeneca’s Evusheld, which is an antibody cocktail that works BEFORE you are infected. In other words, it prevents folks from catching the virus. The state’s goal is to have Evusheld available within a two hours’ drive of all Florida residents. The EUA authorizes the new treatment for anybody who can’t take the injections for whatever reason — such as being immunocompromised or having had a bad reaction to the first injections.

        1. Canada ORDERED 26K doses of Monoclonal Antibody treatment at and they NEVER GOT USED – what we did receive are still in the FREEZER! Time to ask Health Canada why WE don’t have clinics with FREE treatments! If everyone who has died to date got at least one treatment and LIVED – there would be less than 5K deaths over 2 years!

    2. “Anti-vax” means anyone not stupid enough to not question a narrative of easily demonstrable endless lies apparent to any sentient human not consuming the relentless propaganda and censorship campaign of government, their SS doctors and their lying, corrupt, corporate media–and anyone not stupid enough to submit to experimental injections to which there is not 1 peer-reviewed safety study, or even a list of what’s in the poison. Fortunately the whistleblowers have exposed it all and many eminent doctors and other scientists have sounded the alarm. Even the phoney underreported VAERS numbers are off the chart. Incredible numbers of people now have stories of unusual unexpected fatalities. Death numbers are way up–and not from the Wuhan Designer Flu, a dud of a bioweapon but now made powerful by the injections. They are dying all right. Take your head out of your TV

    3. Hospitals report first time vaxed as unvaccinated if they are in the hospital with a vax injury within 21 days. This is well known information and most provinces report it on the health web-sites. So the hospitals are not reporting the correct number of vaccinated that are in the hospital. It is also well known that the latest variant was brought to Canada by double vaxed as they are the only ones flying. The hospital systems were over worked prior to the pandemic which was reported by Main Stream media. The suspension and firing of our pro-choice medical staff also lead to this problem. So please stop blaming the unvaccinated as you are being mislead by the media and the government health officials.

    4. I *had* a friend that thought this way. She lived in fear throughout the lockdowns, not being able to see her mother who lived in a care facility, not being able to go to her grandchilds first birthday (she looked in through the window from outside tho she wasnt supposed to). She wound up dying from a seizure due to diabetes because of the lockdowns she was not allowed to go and see her doctor, and the doctor did not believe her that her insulin needed to be increased. I was not allowed to visit her. The last 16 months of her life were not a life. If you live that way, you are already dead. Dont blame the people who do not want a vaccine that wont even protect people who take it. “Safety” has become a Canadian cult. Just remember not to be afraid to live.

    5. It appears by you’re comments you are “fully vaccinated”, which millions of Canadians believe should be a personal choice. To have a medical procedure such as an experimental drug like the mRNA injected into oneself should not be taken lightly. Can you explain to us all how the unvaccinated are making the vaccinated sick ?

    6. Who you call anti vax dear? People that don’t want to take the Covid-19 vaccine by force? People who don’t know anymore what fully vaccinated means 2 dozes or 3 dozes? There is a lot of misinformation up there indeed but you should do your homework better to find documented proof that these injections currently are far away from protecting people from this virus and its variants- look at the UK data https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1041593/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-50.pdf
      See it for yourself on page 37 and up how the count of deaths on vaccinated people outnumbered the unvaccinated you call ani vaxxers.
      After 2 years the experts advised the government to increase testing by offering rapid tests that were available just for 1 day.
      In less than 2 weeks has been decided that the booster protects against Omicron despite the fact that a lot of people got Omicron having already the booster, despite the adverse effects especially on people under 30.
      So, please don’t call anyone anti vax because they didn’t want to take the jab that now has to be taken every 3 months and you consider that a “vaccine”.
      Nobody told you or force you to take the jab, so better respect the decisions of others who fight for human rights even you don’t realize it yet.
      So, Merry Christmas and good luck with next dozes!

  6. Lois & Cliff Sherwin

    Thank you Jeremy Patzer standing up for your constituents which includes us, and for the rest of Canada as well. We are proud of our MP for speaking out for us.

    1. Thank you Jeremy for your bravery to stand up against this communist government God be with you and give you courage

  7. Yes! This is what we need. I have written this man twice. Once yesterday asking him to stand. And once today to thank him for standing. Send emails to ALL MPs, Senators, MPPs, local governers. Get an entry level mailfence.com account (very affordable and so worth it) to send bulk emails anonymously and securely. Create lists. (You can find the email lists online – http://www.4mycanada.com/contact-mp-senator has up to date lists of MPs and Senators.) These leaders aren’t ALL bad or bought. We must write beautiful letters full of useful links to important information and encourage them to THINK FOR THEMSELVES and defend our cultural values: Bodily autonomy, informed consent, proportionality, and freedom. Get to work people!

  8. Finally someone’s conscience. Mr Patzer’ in this case, is battered enough to the point of actually speaking out against the evil that has spread throughout Canadian society at the hands of its politicians and the entire ‘control’ system. Give this man a cigar and a rosette that reads “I’m # 1” Ya, a little late to the party the rest of us have been battling for years, if not just the last two with covid, but as a wise person will speak, “Better late than never!”

  9. This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. It takes a lot of courage to be the 1st to speak out. Pray for this to snowball.

    1. Let’s thank this guy by calls, emails or notes on his FB page. We can keep encouraging others to do the same & pray for a domino effect. No country in the world 8s truly freed from this tyranny yet. Canada might as well be first! God keep our land glorious & free!!

  10. Finally someone who cares enough to take a stand. He gives me faith the maybe just maybe this disaster will be noticed and action may be taken.

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