Canadians to Protest Vax Mandates & Passports at Worldwide Rally #5 – Saturday, November 20 at Noon

As coercive vaccine mandates and passports continue to destroy livelihoods and divide society, daily evidence of vaccine failure and injury for an infection with an overall greater than 99% survival rate continue to fuel worldwide protests. On Saturday, November 20, citizens from across Canada and around the world will participate in Worldwide Rally for Freedom #5.

Bright Light News will again be airing Toronto’s protest live from our Facebook page.

More locations to come. #wewillALLbethere

Drone footage of Toronto’s Worldwide Rally for Freedom #4 on September 18, 2021.

17 thoughts on “Canadians to Protest Vax Mandates & Passports at Worldwide Rally #5 – Saturday, November 20 at Noon”

  1. I want to confirm. So this mega rally of 10,000+ people is on Nov 20 at 12pm at queens park toronto north side? I want to make sure in case I bring a few friends along.

  2. I don’t trust my doctor since having had 3 strokes under her watch I certainly wouldn’t believe she would talk truth about the Jab! They all make money in this from big Pharma$$$$$!

  3. Not sure what the protests can accomplish. From a personal point of view I’ve done the following:
    – I got my first 2 vaccinations after a few consultations with my doctor.
    – I’ve printed off the covid vacine passport then the change came in and I have printed off the QR document. I have only needed to use it once when I went out to lunch with an old friend. Got in no hassle or anything and had a very pleasant lunch without incident.
    -As of November 1, 2021 my employer required a copy of the record in order to enter the office. (this does not impact my employment as I can work remotely) I scanned and sent my Vaccination Passport to a secure email address for this purpose only. Just as an extra FYI this will never impact my employment as my retirement date is December 31, 2021 and I have vacation from Dec 3 to 31. I complied just in case I do need or want to go into the office in the next little while. Note: I am fully aware of the right to privacy but there is nothing for me to hide. I got the vaccine and not proud nor ashamed it’s just a fact and I have no issue with sharing that info with anyone.
    – Should I become eligible for a booster I will make arrangements to get that as well.
    – We all have to decide for ourselves – no one can say you’ve made the right or wrong decision for yourself but you.
    – There can be however consequences for our actions and decisions we make and we all need to take ownership of those decisions and live with them.
    – People can spend their time out there protesting. I choose to sit at home and relax and have a cocktail.

    1. From a personal point of’ve just told us that you took an experimental medical treatment incase you were requested for proof and don’t see the point of standing up for anyone’s rights because you believe it won’t affect you as you’ve done what you were told like a good boy. I really think you should look up what Informed Consent is and then consider what people are protesting for. Especially in November no less, you shouldn’t need to be reminded..Freedoms that were fought for by the many Canadians that died throughout history, Charter Rights & the guaranteed legal rights allowed to us by informed consent. If you won’t come out and protest, then at least write your local and federal MPs denouncing mandates that are against informed consent and charter rights, while your sipping your drink. You forget the consequences now will be your consequences later when you’re late getting your booster or whatever other medical treatment the government requires you to take.

      1. I was informed. I did a lot of research and reading and discussed this with my doctor prior to getting the vaccine. I did not go into this blindly. I have trusted my doctor for more than 25 years now for all medical items. Why would I not trust his advice on this.?
        I do believe that everyone has their own right to privacy on this issue. We also have the right to share this information when, where and with whom we choose to. So I have stood up for and exercised my own rights. Or are you telling me I do not have that right?

          1. Maybe I am a good little soldier. However the privacy thing is a little overblown.
            1. If you’ve been to one of the big vaccination sites you’ll have noticed there is no privacy – open spaces where you can be viewed getting your shot. In some cases the clinics were on the news with cameras and interviews.
            2. Discussions with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc about getting the shot – and our various reactions to it.
            3. Anti Vac’s people that have publicly stated there is no way they will get the shots. Plus their own discussions with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc
            The reason I stated I don’t understand the privacy protest is that a good majority of us have in some way publicly have already given out our vaccination status either directly or indirectly.
            Just an FYI – regardless of which side of this issue you fall into, we all have the right to do what we think is best for ourselves. If you consider me a blind follower for the pro side you have to concede there are a lot of blind followers on the anti side.

        1. Your a uneducated MORON grow a brain IDIOT!! Oh I forgot you don’t have a brain cause you cant even think for yourself!! You have no critical thinking skills!! YOU let the government think for you and i bet you get all your info from MSM PATHETIC!! I bet your so stupid if the government asked you to jump off a cliff you would your a good little government slave arn’t you!!!!

          1. Critical thinking requires that any issue is objectively and with an open mind looked at from both sides, analyzing the data and coming to a conclusion. Something you clearly have not demonstrated.
            It does not mean hurling insults and making assumptions. This is a sign that a person has no facts to base an argument so has to lash out in anger. Plus a critical thinker would not make an accusation about doctors getting pay offs.
            Your family must be so proud!!

      2. Well said Amy. People who comply with the mandates are only prolonging this nightmare while they ignorantly believe it to be the way back to normal.
        They don’t seem to care that this injection roll-out contravenes all ten of the Nuremberg Codes. They likely have never heard of the Nuremberg trials and do not see history repeating while they call us crazy and selfish for standing for our rights. Stay strong and never back down.

    2. Fine Gord, have your cocktail, no one gives a fuck about your vax status, hope you live long enough to collect some of those pension payments, but does not look like you will from all the information available now about the bioweapon you took as a medication, because you were too fucking lazy to do some research.

    3. Gord, like you, my wife and I were double vaccinated. We wanted to travel. Sadly, she passed away one week after getting the second shot. We trusted our Dr. Of 20yrs! I will not be getting the booster and our doctor told me my passport would no longer be valid. I am then considered “unvaccinated”?

      You said you were retiring Dec 31 and work from home?
      My sister was set to retire in Jan 2022 with 35yrs service.
      She has worked from home for the last 5 yrs. She refused to get
      the vaccine and was terminated Nov 1st! That’s right, she was terminated! She will receive HER PORTION of the pension only
      and is considered “Terminated with Cause” not retired!!!
      YOU would have been in the same boat had you not gotten the vaccine “just in case” you had to go into the office. Is this a Choice? When something is forced, it is called “COERCION”
      I wish I had done more research, I would not be able to have lunch
      inside a restaurant or travel with my wife but, she would still be here.
      Unlike you, I think we have been hoodwinked and support these protests. “UNITED WE STAND….DIVIDED WE FALL”

      Thanks to my sister, I stopped watching the news. Unfortunately, too late for me.

    4. Wow how incredibly selfish of you not looking at the big picture as you smugly say this will not impact you because you will retire soon. In the meantime this has impacted millions. That said every voice matters.
      And a rally is to stop something from being mandatory everywhere. That truly is having a choice otherwise it is coercion.
      And since this is an invasion of ones privacy and puts people at risk of losing their job if they can’t work remotely. It is not acceptable. This limits the enjoyment of life such as travelling and eating in restaurants. By accepting this division things can only get worse and will never get better. The passports were created for long term that in itself should show you the scam behind it. Freedoms are being stripped away and this is because of people like you. The fact is if everyone took a stand to not make this mandatory anywhere then that would truly be a choice.
      So sit at home and enjoy a cocktail and I hope your don’t have grandkids because their future is at risk and they will remember you did nothing…when 20 years later it pops up in a school assignment much like the kids of today who have to write about the native children and how much they suffered in the hands of the greedy!

    5. Thank you for the respectful comment. Vaccinated or not, freedom is at stake. Let’s not focus in my or your situation. I suggest you visit the site on adverse reactions and then see if any kind of imposition enhances or endangers the free choice we all must make. This does involve each one of us.

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